Gen Jack Keane Agrees With Trump – Need To Tighten Vetting Process

jack keane


General Jack Keane offers his perspective on the travel ban from those seven Middle Eastern and African nations that are hotbeds of terror. Ed Henry notes that President Trump is being heavily criticized by the leftists who are accusing him of being heartless and a Muslim-hating bigot while the Trump administration maintains it is simply the kind of thing that must be done as part of the effort to make the country safe.

General Keane says, “Well, I certainly agree with the President. Listen, our senior law enforcement officials, who were part of the Obama administration, served in that administration, have said repeatedly in testimony that they did not have confidence in the vetting process that was bringing people from the threat area into this country. And obviously, President Trump took note of that.

Keane says, “What this is truly about,  he wants to establish a very good vetting process so our officials will have confidence in it and he wants a temporary ban so there’s time to do that.” He’s asked if he agree with the seven countries named to the list, replying, “No, I don’t think so. Listen, you’ve got to have some faith in the intelligence briefings that the President is receiving every day. And he’s asking those intelligence agencies to make recommendations to him.”

“They have the facts,” says Keane, “they know where the threat areas are and where the likely refugees are being infiltrated by ISIS. There’s plenty of evidence to that because they were doing that in Europe. So I’m going to leave that alone and not pick and choose which one, add another one, take one off. I’ll leave it to the intelligence agencies that are providing the President that kind of feedback.”

Henry raises the transfer of the Gitmo recruiting tool identification over to this situation. Keane isn’t buying it and adds Gitmo never was. He says, “ISIS has never mentioned Gitmo, that I’m aware of, one time. And the Institute for the Study of War tracks everything that they say every day. So this is a lot of rubbish that is put out there. Listen, the President of the United States is trying to protect the American people. That is what this is about and I think we should support him in that effort during his temporary ban to put into place a good vetting process.”

Keane is asked if this will make us safer in the end, responding, “If we get a good vetting process in, that we don’t have right now, absolutely. And that’s the intent of this and I’m going to assume that after that process is in place, the ban will be removed and people will flow as they have in the past. But – they are going to be properly screened.

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