Gen Flynn Refuses To Participate In Senate Witch Hunt, Pleading 5th Amendment

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General Michael Flynn has decided against participating in the Senate witch hunt supposedly investigating something that never happened, the Russian collusion hoax. Constitutionally he’s protected from being forced to fill the cup of hemlock they plan to pour down his throat by the Fifth Amendment.

Gen Flynn notified the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday that he would be delivering a formal notice of his intentions that same day, not to comply with a subpoena seeking personal documents in what the reporter and others have generously termed “the Russia investigation.”

MSBNC reporter Kasie Hunt spoke to an anonymous source close to General Flynn who told her of his intentions. She notes that the deadline for compliance was this coming Wednesday, so he is a couple of days early in his response. Hunt notes that there has been some back and forth between Flynn and the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, which had indicated this was a strong possibility.

The source reminded her and she stressed that invoking the Fifth Amendment is not an admission of guilt but rather is designed to protect innocent people from self-incrimination or anything along those lines.” In the case of Lois Lerner and others who were guilty of political crimes against the American people it was clearly used as just another means of avoiding justice and abusing the process.

In General Flynn’s case it’s clearly more in line with the intent of the Amendment, as what is being conducted in the Senate is clearly a fishing expedition against the President, with there being no actual search for the truth or any real belief that collusion took place. If it were a sincere and genuine investigation, it would be looking at the wrongdoing of Obama, Clinton, Rice and others rather than grandstanding for the Democrats to divert attention away from their guilty leadership and using General Flynn as a convenient scapegoat.

Once again, the wisdom of the founding fathers shines through. It was a smart move on General Flynn’s part as well. Make the Democrats go elsewhere for their pound of flesh.

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2 Comments on Gen Flynn Refuses To Participate In Senate Witch Hunt, Pleading 5th Amendment

  1. It’s unfortunate that Flynn was forced out of the administration. Maybe there was no other way, but, Trump should have stood by him and told his globalist transition team, and lib advisors, to pound sand.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // May 23, 2017 at 10:11 am // Reply

    What the government has done to this man is a full blown tragedy and a farcical witch hunt. One of the finest men to back our President is now being grilled and raked over the coals every day. I’m so disgusted with these commies in DC, on both sides of the aisle. Remember a “false friend” is more dangerous than an open enemy, and that goes for a good portion of the so-called Republicans…who are nothing more than Trotskyites.

    Pray for Flynn and his family, they are really very good people.

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