GARGOYLE Attacks Trump – Lies To “Justify” MUELLER Bill To SEIZE WH in COUP

richard blumenthal

Senator, Stolen Valor liar and corrupt political operative Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) knew what to expect when he attacked President Trump, he’s been doing it non-stop since Trump announced his candidacy.

The news that the people of Connecticut allowed this scumbag to be elected despite having falsely claimed on many occasions that he served in Vietnam is not new but he insists on making it relevant by opening his septic face hole. Blumberg never left the states, serving his country in the Marine Reserves engaged in the always perilous “toys for tots” duty. The kids were the brave ones in those exchanges, understandably traumatized after catching a glimpse of his hideous mug. For many Christmas would never be the same again.

Blumenthal is engaged in an attempt to insulate the Democrat Inquisitor, Robert Mueller, from accountability by sponsoring a bill with his fellow establishment call boy, Thom Tillis (RINO-NC)  removing executive branch authority over a portion of the Justice Department. It’s unconstitutional, but he couldn’t care less nor could Tillis. This is about the success of their coup against the President.

Just prior to their airtime, President Trump tweeted a remark relevant to the stolen valor deception of Blumenthal, writing, “I think Senator Blumenthal should take a nice long vacation in Vietnam, where he lied about his service, so at least he can say he was there.”

Blumenthal, given his chance to defend himself by challenging the veracity of President Trump’s comments, chooses instead to attempt to ignore them, as they can’t be refuted. His creative best effort is to say, “It’s not about me,” as if that somehow removes him and his cowardly, anti-American attacks as a supposed “man of integrity” from the discussion.

Blumenthal says he “won’t be distracted by this bullying,” his voice cracking ever so slightly, perhaps ready to once again burst into tears because that mean man defended himself. What the heck would Blumenthal call eight months of unjustified, fabricated charges and investigations by the Democrats and establishment RINOs if not bullying? Never mind, he’d just lie anyway and his opinion doesn’t matter.

He claims the Trump “bullying” reinforces the need for the hack job that he and his fellow traitor to the United States, Thom Tillis are leading, to remove the last set of controls within the executive branch on their mad dog and put them within the corrupted Congress and deep state judiciary.

Exposing the truth about their subversion to the public and speaking out against it is seeking intimidation, in the eyes of this sorry excuse for a Senator and a human being. He tries to flip the misdeeds of the establishment and Democrats and the impending conflict between them and the executive branch as somehow being the result of President Trump’s actions.

What evidence do you have, Senator? Now this witch hunt is expanding into every aspect of his life and that of his family. Are you kidding? It’s his fault? Show us the evidence you lying piece of manipulative filth.

He repeats the word bi-partisan and then explains that that means both Republicans and Democrats in an attempt to portray his treachery as widespread and popular. It is neither and any lawmakers wishing to find out firsthand just how unpopular it is will be committing political suicide in joining it. Tillis is done in North Carolina. He’ll be defeated in a primary in 2020.

Blitzer raises the issue of personal animosity on the part of the Blumenthal family, with the lying POS denying any personal motivations, saying it’s about upholding the rule of law. That’s suddenly important when no crime has been committed by President Trump but was ignored by him and his fellow criminal enablers as Hillary Clinton and Obama fleeced the US at the real expense of national security. He’s not only a liar, he’s a bad liar and a horrible hypocrite.

The coup operatives are the ones placing the nation in danger of a constitutional crisis, not the innocent President Trump. This is not a fact that is being lost on the patriots of this nation. He’ll find out firsthand if he keeps this up.


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3 Comments on GARGOYLE Attacks Trump – Lies To “Justify” MUELLER Bill To SEIZE WH in COUP

  1. Number 1.) Mueller never should have accepted that job because of his close ties with Comey. In fact, he never should have had his name in the proverbial hat because of such ties. This is how crooked the Democratic party has become!
    Number 2.) Oh, YES THIS IS ABOUT YOU, BLUMENTHAL! Stolen valor is what you are doing and not only is it wrong but it is illegal. Every single veteran in Connecticut should be gunning for you come election day, not with guns but with their votes!!
    Number 3.) You went after Trump first and now he’s coming after you and you don’t like it. Yeah, he can be a handsful but mostly when you attack him, he will attack you. You had that coming. You see, we the People voted Trump into office and he IS our president, like it or not. The Democratic party has started this war on Trump and it turn on them, the Dems, as they have America and Americans. Don’t piss on our leg and tell us it’s raining! Why do you think more than half of America, discounting illegal votes around the country, voted for Trump? It is because we are tired of the lies after 8 years of lies and deceptions from an offensive president and his lackeys, meaning Dems. Now we find out that you, Blumenthal, are a liar of the worst degree with your stolen valor. Karma’s a bitch. I may not speak for all Republican voters but I figure there is a larger number of them that believe in what I am saying in one way or another. In my opinion, though, this is how I feel.

  2. Freddie Arthur Hisle // August 8, 2017 at 12:02 pm // Reply

    bloomingthug like john scary need to be left alone in padded room with a Real Combat Veteran and a baseball bat for at least 30 minutes. Both may change their minds about the Military, and Military Veterans if they still have a heartbeat.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // August 8, 2017 at 9:39 am // Reply

    I volunteered during Viet Nam; not so for Senator Blumenthal, who many would call a Yellow-belly!

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