Brigitte Gabriel Stunned By What Wasn’t Said By Trump Admin At Any 9/11 Event

brigitte gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel joined Breitbart radio’s Raheem Kassam on Tuesday, for a discussion about radical Islamic terrorism, the identity that has once again been driven out of the lexicon of the administration, just as it was during the Obama regime.

Gabriel says “I was extremely disappointed with the fact that the President yesterday did not mention radical Islamic terrorism, the clear perpetrators of the 9/11 attack, especially on such a solemn, a special day in this nation. And especially since one of the things that’s to tout the most with the “deplorables” was the fact that he throws political in the garbage where it belongs.”

She continues, “But yesterday it was obvious that something has happened in the Trump Presidency that has changed and changed dramatically. When I listened to the speeches yesterday, like you mentioned, by all the leaders in the administration, by Trump, by Mattis, by Pence it would have literally been a speech, especially the President’s speech, that could have been uttered by ‘president’ Obama himself.”

Gabriel says, “I did not expect that out of President Trump. I expected that out of Hillary Clinton but not President Trump. This is a huge shift. Gabriel labels it a betrayal but asserts her faith that in the end President Trump will “return to his original clarity.”

Kassam makes the point that if radical Islam had appeared in even a single one of the speeches yesterday it would have been seen as an unfortunate development but nothing major. The fact that it was completely excluded from any communications and any speeches marks a significant shift.

She repeats the words that many are uttering at this point in time, that Trump didn’t get to where he is by being stupid or blind, that his instincts will kick in and carry him to a correction in his position. It would be nice and much less stressful if he didn’t insist on dragging us through the learning phases and the obvious globalist advisers in the first place.

You don’t have to be a genius to know that HR McMaster, Dina Habib Powell and Gary Cohn should have never had a place in the administration to begin with. Why put us through all of this if he’s not buying into their thinking?

They also touch on the deliberate attempts by the Saudis to undermine our nation through their network of foreign funded mosques preaching “radical Islam” and their complicity in the 9/11 attacks, including a dry run prior to the actual attack.



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1 Comment on Brigitte Gabriel Stunned By What Wasn’t Said By Trump Admin At Any 9/11 Event

  1. Why put us through all of this if he’s not buying into their thinking?

    Exactly the right question Rick. It is happening with almost every campaign position. Many of the base, non lemmings, are confused and if it continues will go against him.

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