G20 Rioters Make A Statement For Merkel, EU – Police Ordered To Stand Down

hamburg riots

Just like the way the globalists and leftists in Berkeley, San Jose or anywhere there was a Trump rally were free to commit every sort of mayhem short of murder with police standing aside, doing nothing to stop them, Merkel and her globalists permitted rioters to tear up the City of Hamburg.

They now claim to be at a loss to explain how it happened. That’s a lie, they made sure it would happen as a deliberate statement against President Trump and they intentionally positioned their police forces as targets for the troublemakers while forbidding them to take any meaningful responsive actions.

The only good thing about the riots is that they tore up a leftist area of the city, the Schanzenviertel neighborhood. It’s a 20-minute walk from the G-20 site. Just like black hoodlums tore up black areas of Baltimore and Ferguson, they seem to remain inside their comfort zones.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “Stores were looted, barricades and cars set on fire, and officers attacked with rocks, bottles and slingshots.” They noted, “Authorities moved to quell the riots only after they had raged for hours, according to several shopkeepers in one of the hardest-hit streets.”

As the first video below shows, police were targets of every type of projectile and abuse and the perpetrators were largely allowed to act in any violent manner they chose. A spokesman claimed surprise that there were plans to throw Molotov cocktails. Molotov cocktails should be expected as should airborne cobblestones where they can be dug up.

The Soros thugs dug up cobblestones in the DC inauguration protests in January, it’s to be expected with these groups. Police Spokesman Timo Zill said, “We had prepared for the G-20 summit to be attacked, not the people of Hamburg.” If that is the case then they didn’t prepare.

By Saturday morning, 265 people had been detained and 213 police officers injured, mostly while standing or moving as a unit as sitting duck targets, only minimally engaging the rioters. Their excuse is that they didn’t expect this. If that is true, and even if it isn’t, they need to fire the person responsible for security.

Even Fake News CNN, as the second video below shows, knew what Merkel was planning, exposing her in advance for setting up the violence as a orchestrated “spontaneous” response to President Trump by the “average European.”

Excuse-Making Bureaucrat – Riots Long-Planned, Like Never Seen Before

Hamburg’s Interior Minister, Andy Grote, engaged in the typical leftist blame deflection on Saturday, saying, the riot had been long-planned—to a degree “we have never witnessed before.” The rioters couldn’t plan until a site had been selected, so the police had just as much time to plan as the bad guys. The site was announced in February of 2016; seventeen months should be enough time to plan and provide security for this type of event.

In making excuses for having the police stand around as targets and allowing the rioters to do as they wanted, leftist-Berkeley style, Grote said, “We wanted to ensure that by moving it, we wouldn’t put our colleagues’ lives at risk and that we would win the upper-hand.” Winning and having the upper-hand looks a lot like losing and having your city torn apart, Grote.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, “German politicians had warned of possible violence for months, in part because the summit was held near two of the more radical neighborhoods in a city long a hub of anarchist protest.”

On Saturday the globalist French President Macron urged leaders to heed the protesters’ concerns, saying, “We’ve been living in a town for two days that is attacked by hooligans to whom I will give no ground. He observed that the rioting showed “an expression of civil society that is beginning to doubt our ability to regulate globalization.”

That might serve as a warning to the rest of us. Since Macron would obviously not wish to abandon control, we’d be safe interpreting that as an indication he and his puppeteers plan a more  “enhanced” globalist type of control for the next G20 or any other reason he can come up with to justify it.

As the Video Shows below, this chaos was a result of a deliberate decision by Angela Merkel, “protesters” speaking on her behalf through violence.

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