FUSION GPS Owner To Plead 5TH AMENDMENT In Senate Hearings – SEDITION Much?

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Glenn Simpson is the co-founder whose initials are the GPS in the Clinton/ GOP-establishment contracted opposition research company, Fusion GPS. They are the ones supposedlresponsible for creating, with Christopher Steele, the fake Trump dossier and for setting up the Veselnitskaya setup.

He’s scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, but apparently old Glenn and Fusion have been involved in some pretty nasty stuff for the Clintons, Jeb Bush, James Comey and who knows who else. He doesn’t plan to answer any of the Senators’ questions, beyond the basics of his name and position with the company. He’s planning on pulling a Lois Lerner and pleading the 5th Amendment.

Simpson’s lawyers originally informed the committee that he would be out of town on vacation when they had originally scheduled him to appear alongside Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort. Trump Jr. and Manafort reached a separate agreement to talk to the committee in a closed session, leaving Simpson to testify by himself, now under subpoena.

A subpoena was issued in response to his vacation plans, now he’s going to have to wait to spend some of that dirty Comey, Clinton money he made smearing President Trump, his vacation’s been put on hold.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the Judiciary Committee chairman, has been anxious to speak to Simpson regarding the Fusion GPS role in two issues, the fictitious Steele Moscow dossier and the Magnitsky Act lobbying campaign they carried out last year in conjunction with the operatives who attended the Donald Trump Jr. meeting in Trump Tower.

Fusion GPS supposedly was hired to find dirt on Bill Browder, the London-based financial manager behind the Magnitsky Act. Browder responded with a complaint charging that Simpson, Veselnitskaya and others opposing the Act and working against him, who happened to also be involved in the Trump Jr. setup, were in violation of the FARA, Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Simpson’s lawyers wrote to Grassley on Friday stating, “We are profoundly disturbed that the scope of the proposed hearing has expanded, due to private and partisan agendas.” The sleazy dirt merchants are upset about “private and partisan agenda” responses arising out of their shady “private and partisan activities.” Isn’t that just too bad?

They went on to claim that allegations from Browder that Simpson failed to properly register under FARA  “are nothing more than an effort to smear him and his firm.” How does being accused of not filling out paperwork smear a guy and a company whose business is destroying people’s reputations and furthermore, why would anyone give a rip?

Proving his sleazy nature further, the scumbag’s even scummier attorneys wrote, “In the event of a subpoena, [which was issued] Mr. Simpson will assert applicable privileges, including but not limited to those under the First and Fifth Amendments. We therefore ask that he be excused from appearing.”

Grassley isn’t likely to knuckle under and surrender like they hope, he’s no Mitch McConnell. Simpson can expect to come in, have cameras in his face and be forced to go on the record declaring that he’s got something to hide. Trump and Manafort are testifying. He can bet he’ll be expected to do so as well. In case he missed it that was the whole point of the subpoena.


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