Fusion GPS Founder Mocked Judiciary Committee In Hearings, Grassley Firing Back

jarrett farrell

Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson, whose company was behind the creation of the false Trump Russia dossier, was called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week behind closed doors.

Simpson had previously threatened to plead the Fifth Amendment and apparently he followed through or otherwise provided nothing of value. Gregg Jarrett reveals that Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has indicated that he intends to put the release of the content from his testimony to a committee vote.

Had Simpson revealed anything of a sensitive nature during his hearing releasing it would never be being considered. The fact that it is being discussed means it’s likely his appearance was a waste of time. Adding to that probability, the documents Simpson provided included more than 7,500 pieces of blank paper and news clippings.

Jarrett asks Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch “what’s up with that?” Farrell says, “The real big question is, was Simpson and his firm witting or unwitting accomplices to a Russian active measures campaign. I mean, was this guy sort of a dupe or is he just a traitor or a mercenary? I mean it would be very interesting to understand exactly what his relationship and his knowledgeability and his role was.”

Jarrett asks who paid for it, noting that “the word is” the Democrats paid for the anti-Trump dossier, any evidence of that?” Farrell replies, “Exactly, and then the second part is that he had clients, right? So are those clients also part of this? He asks if they were useful idiots or “was this part of a deliberate part of a plan to smear someone, or actually more than just a plot to smear someone. Was this really part of a larger plan to smear an entire campaign?”

Farrell says, “This is not just a scandal sheet kind of finger pointing session. This is a very grave counter-intelligence matter, asking both who’s paying and what were their intentions, who was really behind this?” The names Clinton, Obama and Soros somehow come to mind.

Jarrett switches to the topic of James Comey and the lawsuit Judicial Watch has filed against him and the FBI, “Asking the question, ‘How in the world did James Comey walk out of the FBI when he was fired with Presidential memos?’ That’s government property under the Federal Records Act and it’s also a felony.”

Jarrett puts the statute on screen and reads it, saying, “Isn’t that what James Comey did?” Farrell responds, “James Comey, the leaker Comey, absconded with government records in the exact same way that Hillary Clinton did. He took things that were not his to take. And as far as I’m concerned, my personal opinion, that’s a crime. “

“Look, there’s not a lot of open debate here,” says Farrell, “and we’re looking for copies of his non-disclosure agreements, his debriefing records, we want to know what his current access is. Look, he’s floating a book or there is a book deal supposedly, right?  And he has a pre-publication review process where he has to have access to classified materials.”

Jarrett and Farrell note that Mueller isn’t going to go after his friend Comey but that someone else in the DOJ should, maybe that elusive special counsel that Sessions refuses to consider.  Jarrett observes, “Well, Comey should get himself outfitted for an orange jumpsuit.”

There’s nothing to this point, unfortunately, to indicate that the recommendations of either Jarrett or Farrell are going to see any movement. Even now, over seven months into the Trump DOJ, not one Obama criminal has been indicted or investigated.

It seems that the current AG subscribes to the same policy of preferential dual track justice for the elites as his predecessor, a major disappointment to those of us who supported him and were initially thrilled to have what we thought was a law and order AG in charge. It seems nobody in any agency wants to hold anyone in the power elite accountable, just the little guys.


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