Full Memo Of Fired NSC Whistleblower Reveals McMaster Leading Anti-Trump Coup

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The full content of the memo written by Rich Higgins, a former NSC director of strategic planning who was fired for writing it by NSA HR McMaster, has now been made public as well as some details surrounding the events. In it he describes all out political warfare, with leftists intent on subverting the Trump presidency and driving him out of office.

In the seven-page memo from May, Higgins sounds the alarm that “The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize and ultimately remove the president.”

He says, “This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level that is openly engaged in the direct targeting of a seated president through manipulation of the news cycle.” Higgins gave the Trump Administration failing marks for their response, writing, “The White House response to these campaigns reflects a political advocacy mindset that it is intensely reactive, severely under-inclusive and dangerously inadequate to the threat. If action is not taken to re-scope and respond to these hostile campaigns very soon, the administration risks implosion and subsequent early departure from the White House.”

Higgins’ writings confirm what many of us already understood, that President Trump is being attacked because he represents “an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative.” He wrote that those who see President Trump as a threat include “‘deep state’ actors, globalists, bankers, Islamists, and establishment Republicans.”

Higgins had worked on the Trump campaign and transition before coming to the NSC. After drafting the memo in May, he circulated it to friends of his from the transition, many of whom now hold positions in the White House.

Once the orchestrator of the rebellion against President Trump, NSA HR McMaster, set his eyes on the memo, Higgins was called to the office of McMaster’s deputy, Ricky Waddell and given the choice of resigning and keeping his security clearance or being fired and likely losing it.

Donald Jr. gave the memo to his father, described as “gushing over it” and furious at McMaster

The memo eventually made its way to Donald Trump Jr. at around the same time the media and Congress were hyperventilating over the June 2016 meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya in Trump Tower. Donald Jr. gave the memo to his father who was described by sources as “gushing over it” as he read it. Trump later learned from Sean Hannity that Higgins had been fired and is said to have been furious. A senior administration official quoted in “Foreign Policy” says “He is still furious.”

A source familiar with the document said its purpose was to educate others within the White House to the nature of the threat President Trump faces.  An administration official noted, “The memo maybe reads a little crazy, sure, but it’s not wrong and Rich isn’t crazy.”

Higgins wrote, “In candidate Trump, the opposition saw a threat to the ‘politically correct’ enforcement narratives they’ve meticulously laid in over the past few decades. In President Trump, they see a latent threat to continue that effort to ruinous effect and their retaliatory response reflects this fear.”

He added that during the campaign, Trump demonstrated an ability to cut through the leftist narratives and for that reason consider him to be “an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes that dominate the prevailing cultural narrative.”

For this cabal, Trump must be destroyed, it’s intensified to crisis level proportions

He said, “For this cabal, Trump must be destroyed. Far from politics as usual, this is a political warfare effort that seeks the destruction of a sitting president. Since Trump took office, the situation has intensified to crisis level proportions.”

The Free Beacon noted “The political warfare campaign seeks to exploit differences in society based on sexism, racism and xenophobia narratives. The program is implemented by mainstream media, and the academic community is the main driver promoting the imposition of cultural Marxism and derivatives of it.”

They added, “Islamists, supporters of political Islam in the United States, also are working with leftists who they regard as having the best chance of reducing Western civilization to the benefit of Islamic supremacists. The Islamists are seeking to divide American society against itself as a way of undermining stability.”

Higgins wrote, “This is the intended outcome of hostile information cum political warfare campaigns and today we see their effects on American society.” He said a complicating factor in the political warfare program is that “many close to the president have pushed him off his message when he was candidate Trump thus alienating him from his base thereby isolating him in the process.”

The political warfare follows the insurgency methods used by Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong. “In Maoist insurgencies, the formation of a counter-state is essential to seizing state power,” he said. “Political warfare operates as one of the activities of the ‘counter-state’ and is primarily focused on the resourcing and mobilization of the counter state or the exhaustion and demobilization of the targeted political movement. In the Marxist strategy and tactics, political correctness is being used to foster intolerance of political movements of the right and toleration of leftist movements.”

Cultural Marxist narrative is fully deployed, pervasive, full spectrum and ongoing

He described the attack narratives being used as pervasive, visible in social media, television, and the 24-hour news cycle in all media, as well as within the foreign policy establishment. “They inform the entertainment industry from late night monologues, to situation comedies, to television series memes, to movie themes,” wrote Higgins. “The effort required to direct this capacity at President Trump is little more than a programming decision to do so. The cultural Marxist narrative is fully deployed, pervasive, full spectrum and ongoing.”

Information attacks against the president are carried out through overt publicity and covert propaganda and infiltration and subversion means. The current campaign against Trump is seeking to delegitimize the president, his administration, and the vision of America he promoted as a candidate.

Key major opposition themes are that Trump is illegitimate, corrupt, and dishonest. Secondary political attacks include the notion that Russia hacked the election, Trump obstructed justice and is hiding Russian collusion, and that he is a “puppet” of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“Adversaries utilize these interlocking narratives as a defensive political and information warfare screen that silences critics and smears supporters of President Trump,” Higgins said. “When people in the media question the behavior, actions and decisions of the Trump administration’s opponents, they are immediately said to be ‘working for the Russians’ or ‘supporting Russian propaganda,'” as Rep Adam Schiff did in his linked comments.

Not just about destroying Trump, but the vision of America that led to Trump

“Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him, but also about destroying the vision of America that lead [sic] to his election,” Higgins said. Higgins concluded the memo by noting that defending the president is a defense of the United States. “In the same way President Lincoln was surrounded by political opposition both inside and outside of his wire, in both overt and covert forms, so too is President Trump.

“Had Lincoln failed, so too would have the Republic. The administration has been maneuvered into a constant backpedal by relentless political warfare attacks structured to force him to assume a reactive posture that assures inadequate responses. The president can either drive or be driven by events; it’s time for him to drive them.”

The memo can be read in its entirety at “Foreign Policy” here.


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