Ft. Lauderdale Terrorist Changed Religions And His Name Ten Years Ago

ft lauderdale terrorist


The Fort Lauderdale airport terrorist has been assigned an identity by the leftist mainstream, pro-Islamic media that labels him as a mentally unstable Veteran. They hate Veterans and love a terrorist. But that is at most only a portion of the story and likely not the chief component in what motivated the attack in Ft. Lauderdale. He’s also a Convert to Islam from 2007, well before his 2010 military deployment.

As we reported two days ago, and as Judicial Watch, with their reputation and prominence is able to bring to a more mainstream audience on Fox, Esteban Santiago, the cold-blooded murderer of innocent people in an airport, changed his name to Aashiq Hammad in 2007, at the time that he converted to Islam. The pro-Islamic power structure probably doesn’t like having the truth reported this close to their greatest caliphate facilitators’ exit. Obama, Johnson, Kerry and Lynch have been agents of the assault and invasion but who cares what they want. Those people Santiago – Hammad killed had wants of their own too, like seeing their family members again, that went unfulfilled.

Mark Spencer of Judicial Watch is asked why the information that they and Gotnews.com have uncovered isn’t being widely reported. He believes it’s an unwillingness on the part of police management to identify the problem and act accordingly, that ignoring the problem will cause it to just go away. He says if we can’t name a problem we can’t solve it and adds, “What’s unfortunate here, is by not accurately naming his background and describing who he is and the Islamic terrorist mindset that influenced him, it sadly and unfairly casts an aspersion on the military, as if it’s their fault and it’s not.

He blames an environmental blend of political correctness and passive national security strategy. That’s the Obama “don’t offend the jihadis” or draw attention to the threat they pose as he attempts to cram as many as possible into the United States before he’s finally evicted from the position he’s assumed squatting in our White House.

In less than a week Mr. Trump will take over, the truth will return to its rightful place in government and Islamic terrorists will be identified for the pigs that they are.

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  1. Patricia Anno // January 14, 2017 at 3:59 pm // Reply

    Yes he did convert to Islam and became a killer for a crazed cult. The Islamic factions work on the ones here in America. Look at the histories of all their killing and why they do group killing.

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