Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting Terrorism – Sheriff Confirms Multiple Deaths

fll shooting


Sure, there are a lot of explanations of how this could be something other than an attack by Islamic terrorists. None of them are likely but it is possible. What is most likely is that it was an attack on random travelers at an airport baggage area, innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ari Fleisher, the former Bush press secretary, happened to be in the airport and tweeted that he heard shots as that everybody was running while the event was still in progress. He tweeted a short time later, “All seems calm now but the police aren’t letting anyone out of the airport – at least not the area where I am.”

CNN reports that the local Sheriff confirms multiple deaths in baggage area 2 that is beyond the security perimeter of TSA. The gunman is in custody with three of the nine persons shot confirmed to be dead by NBC Miami.

According to the FAA, flights are still arriving and departing on time, with the impact on schedules reported to be minimal. Individuals aren’t being allowed out of the area where the attack took place and getting into the airport is a mess with roads around the airport shut down.

These guys are the experts, and perhaps a shutdown of air traffic wouldn’t benefit the situation. For families concerned about their loved ones who were inside it’s going to be a very difficult time right now. Having them in the air out of cell phone range will certainly make it harder to find out if they’re okay.

If DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has anything to do with the response, it’s likely they’re doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done. Johnson’s favorite approach to situations such as this is to remind us “if we see something say something,” that there’s nothing he can do because the Internet is just too powerful, and to dip into the treasury and his “Countering Violent Extremism [CVE], Islamic Terrorist Assistance Slush Fund” to throw taxpayer money at the terrorists.

Maybe another approach, deportations for the majority and a bullet to the skull for those who don’t want to cooperate would send a more appropriate message, Johnson. Maybe locking you up with your terrorist comrades would be a good starting point.


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3 Comments on Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting Terrorism – Sheriff Confirms Multiple Deaths

  1. I read several articles about somali muslims being give security tours of our airports, with several of them being employed at our airports and Ft. Lauderdale being one of the airports.
    “TSASomali” Judicial Watch.org/document-archive/tsasomali
    “A tour of MSP security” https://www.powerline.blog.com
    “DHS CBP Airport Tours pg3” JudicialWatch.org/document-archive/dhs-cpb-airport-tours-pg-3. Same for pg 6.
    “Somali-Minnesota terror recruitment. What I saw at the trial” StarTribune.com/somali-minnesota-terror-recruitment-what-i-saw-at-the-trial-383038

  2. I just read an article about BlackLivesMatter going to Israel to learn jihadism from the ‘palestinians.’ They made a statement saying they are planning to attack our airports in a later plan of violence. This is a highly hate-filled anti-everyone who isn’t brown group of American radicals.
    “Black Lives Matter offshoot engages with muslim terrorists” creepingharia.com
    “Ferguson Protesters Visit Hamas-Run palestine” creepingsharia.com
    “Black Lives Matter offshoot embraces anti-Semitism engages with terrorists” Fox News.

  3. if we had real terrorists instead of CIA/MOSSAD mercenaries, we’d see politicians and “leaders” of countries (other than the countries where the Rothschilds want to STEAL their wealth) getting knocked off

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