Frustrated Jake “Fake Trapper” Tapper Tries And Fails To Snare Scaramucci

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Jake Tapper and Anthony Scaramucci square off for the first of what will likely be many confrontations over the President, his policies and the White House. Tapper gets things rolling, asking if the problem for the President is one of communications or substance.  Scaramucci notes that there has been a lot of good that is going unheralded so there is an obvious communications problem.

Tapper moves on to his second point of attack, basing it upon the Trump interview with the New York Times in which he spoke truthfully, asking if President Trump needs more authenticity or more restraint. Scaramucci says, “That’s the President. The President likes speaking from the heart, he likes telling you  what he likes and he dislikes.”

Scaramucci makes it clear that the leaks are going to stop. He’s willing to let the past be the past but going ahead, he’ll remove people from their jobs if it continues.

Tapper tries to pin Scaramucci down on the Russia sanctions bill and whether or not he will sign it and beats the Russia hacked the election dead horse some more in the process, citing “unanimous” agreement by US intelligence agencies that Russia hacked us. The CNN fake news point man had the nerve to ask Scaramucci – don’t you owe a duty to the truth” because he refuses to get ahead of the President and speak before a decision on the sanctions has been made.

That duty to the truth question was answered by Tapper for himself long ago. No, his duty is to CNN and their propaganda mission on the part of the leftists, part of which includes destroying President Trump. He doesn’t care about the truth, feigned concern is just a tool he’s using as part of his attack on President Trump.

Scaramucci demonstrates through the rest of the often contentious interview that he’s bringing a new level of sophistication to the position and Jake Tapper, along with Chris Wallace, George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd and the rest of the smear merchants are going to have to try a lot harder to make President Trump look bad. They’re not going to get the easy wins they’ve become accustomed to anymore.


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3 Comments on Frustrated Jake “Fake Trapper” Tapper Tries And Fails To Snare Scaramucci

  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // July 24, 2017 at 8:07 pm // Reply

    Good…Rub their noses in their own CRAP they stink any ways….let them wear it.

  2. Huh. I gotta say I didn’t care much for Tapper. But Scaramucci did okay. He obviously didn’t change Tapper’s mind about Russia, lol, but he still did okay. They communicated a bit anyway. Could be a good thing.

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