Frothing Libtard CNN Host Badgers Conway Because Trump Being Patient

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Objection – the smart aleck CNN interviewer is badgering the witness. Chris Cuomo, the nasty leftist son of the Nasty leftist New York Governor, sure to get nothing but unbiased and fair treatment regarding state issues, went after Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway on Friday. The network is engaged in a Clinton salvage and recovery operation, part of which is an attempt to discredit Donald Trump over his insistence on waiting until after he’d met with a group of leaders from the intelligence committee to decide on the culpability of Russia on the supposed hacks. The unflattering but true emails were likely leaked by an insider, not hacked, just part of the problem with accepting the politicized intelligence information at face value.

The leftists accused Mr. Trump of being a reactionary all throughout the campaign. Now when he’s thoughtful, measured and patient, they’re the ones who as it turns out, are frothing and can’t control themselves. Cuomo is determined, no matter how nasty he has to be, to twist Conway into an error, to make her say something that will get her into trouble. He picked a fight with the wrong girl.

Cuomo doesn’t want a discussion, he wants an interrogation. He starts by demanding a yes or no response as to what she points out is an incomplete question. He gets snippy, saying, “I’ll ask you a third time,” as if he’s her daddy and holding a belt in his hand, “Did Clapper come out in early October and say that we know Russia is behind the hacks, period, full stop. Mr. Smarty pants adds, after Conway is once again forced to complete his incomplete question, “Can you answer it now, I’ll let you complete it however you want. Is the answer going to come?”

This is the same James Clapper who was caught lying in Senate testimony to Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, knowing in advance that the question was going to be asked and having been given the language of the question, Clapper chose to deny that the NSA collects “any kind of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.” He replied “No sir.” Wyden clarified, “It does not,” to which Clapper responded, “Not wittingly,” in effect lying while (video linked here) preserving a mechanism for later denying it.

So Clapper is a known liar; his job involves a great degree dissemination of disinformation, and he works for Obama. Yet Cuomo is all bent out of shape because Trump isn’t taking his word at face value. Likely he’s more incensed that Conway’s taking everything he can throw at her and making him look like a rude chump. That part wasn’t too tough, Cuomo did most of the work.

Kellyanne Conway and @ChrisCuomo clash on known information about the Russian hacking.

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6 Comments on Frothing Libtard CNN Host Badgers Conway Because Trump Being Patient

  1. If it’s a Cuomo, then you know ‘IT’ is SLEAZY !
    Guy doesn’t have much upstairs; stay off the drugs chris and you might project something other than a mental deficient !

  2. Any eighth grade history student would have a hard time saying a Russian Communist dictator would rather have a conservative hardnose kick-ass, no nonsense person like Donald J. Trump for president of the USA than a known liberal lying POS who has been a communist like Hillbillary Clintonista all her life. Phewwww! that story stinks to high heaven…

  3. “You can’t fix STUPID!” If a conservative interviewer had treated someone like DWS or Donna Brazille in such a paternalistic manner (even if they deserved it), it would be a front-page scandal at the NYT and the Washington Post.

  4. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // January 7, 2017 at 8:22 pm // Reply

    A TRUE Liberal Nitwit with all the signs of being a complete IDIOT!

  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // January 7, 2017 at 6:35 pm // Reply

    That guy is as dumb as his dad. Facts do not matter. What an asshole.

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