With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies? Betrayal In UN Vote Against United States

UN votes against the US and Israel are common but now score will be kept by the US and there will be consequences. These nations made that mistake and may face cuts in aid

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The recent symbolic vote in the UN in which they pretended member nations pretended to have some non-existent power to dictate to the United States where we would or would not locate our embassy forced the international parasites who feed upon their American host out into the spotlight.

They had the option of voting against the measure or of abstaining. The nations listed below all voted against the United States and in favor of allowing the Palestinians and the UN globalists to dictate where the US places its Israeli embassy.

Ambassador Haley warned the UN General Assembly that there would be consequences for a vote against the United States. Apparently these nations either felt very strongly about their symbolic, otherwise meaningless vote or they haven’t yet figured out that President Donald Trump is doesn’t kiss the back ends of any terrorists or their sympathizers and enablers.

President Trump meant what he said when Ambassador Haley addressed the General Assembly and warned them on his behalf of interruptions in the money flow from their 310 million American sugar daddies in addition to the loss or curtailment of UN funding.

The offenders included Afghanistan, at five billion dollars of aid money, one of the most high stakes of moves. Others were inexplicable, such as the Austrian no vote, given the nationalistic posture of their new government and their opposition to the EU mandated Islamic invasion.

Those who were willing to risk financial and political repercussions for spitting in the eye of the United States included the following nations, with their associated aid totals.

Afghanistan: $5,060,306,050

Albania: $27,479,989

Algeria: $17,807,222

Angola: $64,489,547

Armenia: $22,239,896

Austria: $310,536

Azerbaijan: $15,312,389

Bahrain: $6,573,352

Bangladesh: $263,396,621 – They may now be solvent and self-sufficient enough to handle their own hurricane and flood relief in the future. Let’s save that quarter of a billion dollars for problems at home.



Belgium: $3,101,636 – of course the home of the Islamic Invasion-orchestrating EU is going to vote in line with their Palestinian comrades and against national sovereignty, the antithesis of their European “governance.”

Belize: $8,613,838

Bolivia: $1,378,654

Botswana: $57,252,922

Brazil: $14,899,949

Brunei: $354,829

Bulgaria: $20,066,715

Burkina Faso: $74,469,144

Burundi: $70,507,528

Cabo Verde: $5,044,716

Cambodia: $103,194,295

Chad: $117,425,683

Chile: $2,266,071

China: $42,263,025 – President Trump’s good buddy Xi voted against us on the Security Council as well. Why are we sending any money to China, our largest trading competitor, currency manipulator and intellectual property thieves?

Comoros: $1,057,063

Congo: $8,439,457

Costa Rica: $14,650,552

Cote D’Ivoire: $161,860,737

Cuba: $15,776,924 – Did Raul need to finance his library?

Denmark: $3,455

Djibouti: $24,299,878

Dominica: $616,000

Ecuador: $26,014,579

Egypt: $1,239,291,240 – General el-Sisi has a problem with Islamic terrorism. He’ll take our money but the cooperation ends there.



Ethiopia: $1,111,152,703 – maybe they should feed themselves.

Finland: $33,492

France: $4,660,356

Gabon: $31,442,404

Gambia: $3,197,858

Germany: $5,484,317

Ghana: $724,133,065

Greece: $8,508,639

Grenada: $690,300 – Their appreciation for our intervention saving them from revolution seems to have run out.

Guinea: $87,630,410

Guyana: $9,691,030

India: $179,688,851 – Another competitor on the global stage. We’re sending them our borrowed money, they send us their cheap labor to pirate our domestic American job opportunities.

Indonesia: $222,431,738 – They gave us Hussein Obama; if ever there was a case for restitution this is it, yet the cash is flowing the wrong way.

Iran: $3,350,327 – The $150 billion, military expansion green light, hostage ransom and letting Hezbollah follow in the ISIS footsteps by calling off the DEA wasn’t enough. They can always use more “death to America” seed money.

Iraq: $5,280,379,380

Italy: $454,613

Japan: $20,804,795

Jordan: $1,214,093,785 – Our supposed friend in the Middle East, you can’t buy true friendship

Kazakhstan: $80,418,203

Kuwait: $112,000

Kyrgyzstan: $41,262,984

Lebanon: $416,553,311

Liberia: $473,677,614

Libya: $26,612,087

Lithuania: $15,709,304

Macedonia: $31,755,240

Madagascar: $102,823,791 – Don’t ask us for any help with the plague, boys, your vote tells us you and the UN can handle it on your own.

Malaysia: $10,439,368

Maldives: $1,511,931

Mali: $257,152,020 – We just lost four service men trying to protect them from ISIS forming another caliphate in their nation – don’t mention it, ingrates.

Malta: $137,945

Mauritania: $12,743,363

Mauritius: $791,133

Montenegro: $2,118,108

Morocco: $82,023,514

Mozambique: $514,007,619

Namibia: $53,691,093

Nepal: $194,286,218

Nicaragua: $31,318,397

Niger: $144,122,239

Nigeria: $718,236,917

Norway: $100,000

Oman: $5,753,829

Pakistan: $777,504,870 – Why put the fund in fundamentalist?

Papua New Guinea: $14,836,598

Peru: $95,803,112

Portugal: $207,600

Qatar: $95,097

Russia: $17,195,004

Saint Vincent: $612,000

Saudi Arabia: $732,875 – Our good friends who’ve raped us over the past thirty years, in league with their globalist partners, and who played a still un-admitted role in the 9/11 attacks. With Iran launching rockets from Yemen at their palaces, maybe they should have thought that vote through.

Senegal: $99,599,642

Serbia: $33,062,589

Seychelles: $223,002

Singapore: $468,118

Slovakia: $2,585,685

Slovenia: $715,716

Somalia: $274,784,535 – Cut off the “refugee” flow and all visas as well as the aid money.

South Africa: $597,218,298

South Korea: $3,032,086 – We’ve got thirty thousand troops in harm’s way and an armada off their coast defending them from the threat to the north and they have the nerve to do this?

Spain: $81,231

Sri Lanka: $27,192,841

Sudan: $137,878,835

Suriname: $232,672

Sweden: $1,269

Switzerland: $1,168,960

Syria: $916,426,147

Tajikistan: $47,789,686

Tanzania: $628,785,614

Thailand: $68,182,970

Tunisia: $117,490,639

Turkey: $154,594,512

United Arab Emirates: $1,140,659 – Why are we sending aid to any oil rich Arabs?

United Kingdom: $3,877,820 – Thank you, Theresa May, for giving in to pressure from your Islamic invader presence, including the Islamist mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Uruguay: $836,850

Uzbekistan: $20,067,933

Venezuela: $9,178,148

Vietnam: $157,611,276 – It’s time to rethink their immigration policy as well as the aid.

Yemen: $305,054,784

Zimbabwe: $261,181,770 Foreign aid figures compiled by Alex Van Ness


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  • 656

4 Comments on With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies? Betrayal In UN Vote Against United States

  1. James Higginbotham // December 23, 2017 at 7:07 am // Reply

    if i were running things, on the FIRST DAY, ALL FOREIGN AID WOULD HAVE STOPPED.
    and as AMERICANS we had better understand something RIGHT NOW.

  2. This is insanity. Rand Paul is right we need to stop all foreign funding at a minimum until we have no debt.

  3. Why in the world are we sending money to any of these countries? Is this some ‘spread the wealth’ scheme concocted by the UN? Since we are so far in debt, how about they start sending us money to help pay our bills? Billions of dollars for what? It is disgusting! Stop the flow and see how much better off we are. The tax reform should help to even up the trade deficit and bring companies back to us. The call centers should now come back to the US too. I hate trying to talk to someone who I can’t understand. Even the scam callers can’t speak clear English. Time to put our people back to work.

  4. It’s amazing how many nations stood together belligerently refusing to compromise their values by selling their votes to the Grand Master of the universe. How dare they do such a thing.

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