French Terrorist Steals Soldier’s Gun At Paris Airport – No “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”

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The latest terrorist attack in France is a reminder that the people that the European Union’s policies, similar to those of the Democrats in the US and of Trudeau in Canada, allow into the country, are often persons who are violent and who are more than willing to kill the citizens of their host nations. There’s no way to be certain when or what will set them off. The only way to avoid the problem is to avoid the perpetrators, by simply not allowing them in.

What is being described in French reports as a “radicalized Muslim” who was known to security services, was shot and killed as he was attempting to steal a soldier’s gun at Paris Orly Airport. The 39-year-old, who had French citizenship, was identified as Ziyed Ben Belgacem.” France and other nations make it too easy for third class subhumans with terrorist tendencies to become citizens.

Prior to his failed attempt at the airport the same terrorist shot a police officer in the face with an air pistol at a checkpoint in northern Paris. That officer was being treated at a local hospital. Bruno Le Roux, the French Interior minister, said, “We can link the [airport terrorist] identity with a check carried out at Garges-les-Gonesse by a patrol in Stains this morning. The individual’s identity is known to the police and intelligence services.” 

Francois Molins, a Paris prosecutor told reporters in a Saturday evening airport news conference that Belgacem had yelled that he wanted to die in the name of Allah. He reportedly said, “whatever happens, there will be deaths.” He missed his mark by quite a bit. There was one meaningless, unimportant death, and it was in the name of irrational, violent, hateful stupidity. Thankfully, there are no terrorist Mulligans unless that happens to be their last name, as in Mohammad Mulligan.

Mr Molins said the terrorist held his air pistol to a soldier’s head, using her as a shield. He clearly intended to use her weapon to shoot innocent travelers in the busy airport. According to Mr. Molins, the perpetrator was able to wrest her military-grade rifle away from her. She hit the ground and her fellow soldiers opened fire. Three bursts later, eight rounds finding their mark, and another piece of trash was ready to be hauled off to the dump or, if possible, to be ground up and mixed with corn for pig food.

The Independent UK reports, “Belgacem had a lengthy criminal history of violence, robbery and drug offenses but was not on the ‘fiche S’ list of terror threats, despite being investigated by the DGSI as a potential jihadi after indications of Islamist radicalization emerged in 2015.”

Molins confirmed three people were being held in police custody as part of an ongoing terrorism investigation opened in response to the incident, perpetrator’s father, brother and cousin. Terrorist Belgacem is believed to have been radicalized while in prison. He was under surveillance as part of his parole but that monitoring was no longer being conducted. Prosecutors say they found no evidence of extremism in a search of his home, which was among many which were raided in the immediate aftermath of the Paris attacks.

Belgacem’s last day on earth began its rapid descent at about 6.50am (5.50am GMT) Saturday morning, when he was stopped for speeding by police in the northern Paris suburb of Garges-les-Gonesse. He was producing his identification papers, as instructed, to officers when he took out  a pellet gun and opened fire. One officer was struck in the face.

They fired back but the terrorist was able to escape their pursuit. He abandoned his vehicle and hijacked another after first stopping in a bar for a little “jihad juice” in Vitry. While there he also reportedly made some violent threats. The stolen vehicle was recovered at the Orly Airport following the incident.


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