French Nationalist Le Pen – Choose Globalist Slavery Or Freedom, America Did

marine le pen french

marine le pen

There is currently a conflict underway between two ideologies for control of the planet, globalism and nationalism. There are a multitude of variables, such as the Islamification push by globalists, thrown in to add chaos and confusion to the mix, but those are basically the only two real choices in play.


Globalism is slavery to a distant, unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy that dictates how one lives, communism on a planetary scale.  Nationalism is the preservation of local control over our lives through the individual nation state where citizens have a voice in how they are governed and who their leadership is. They can also recall officials and control, to a degree, the legislative process and the laws under which they are forced by society into compliance.

For most of us a choice between slavery and freedom, between mandated obedience to the dictates of a distant, anonymous master and self-determination would be a simple decision. That’s why they clutter the choice with non-issues such as refugees and humanitarian crises that the globalists themselves create, to hide their true intentions and the true nature of their actions. The climate hoax is a perfect example of a control mechanism being packaged as a response to a humanitarian crisis, one that doesn’t even exist. Sheep, particularly uninformed, reactionary ones, are easy to lead.

Failed French President François Hollande, a communist who is so unpopular he didn’t even attempt to run for president again, denounced populism and nationalism in his New Year’s Eve speech, warning against what he called “rising extremism.” Of course it wasn’t the kind of extemism where strangers walk up and shoot you or your family, blow you up or run over you with a truck because you’re different from them in the name of their “religion.” What scared the crap out of little sissy boy Frenchy Hollande was a girl, Marine Le Pen, and the common French people who stand behind her, who want to govern themselves and have their country back like it used to be.


Marine Le Pen, as the leader of the National Front and a prime contender for President to succeed the rotting escargot, Hollande, responded saying that after Trump and Brexit, the French share the worldwide “aspiration for independence” in the fight against globalism. She understands the nature of the conflict.

She hammered the communist coward Hollande, who is a yes boy for the globalist EU, saying, “Like many other political figures, [Hollande] completely renounces the restoration of democracy and independence which is so ardently the wish of the French people.”

She continued, “These last words of the year offer at least a relief. We know that next year we will not have to undergo such a slew of platitudes and statements in total mismatch with the reality of the country and the sufferings of the French.”

Le Pen said, “To speak of isolation for a project that is, on the contrary, in the sense of history, after Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, a return of peoples’ global aspiration for independence, is a manifest misunderstanding of the evolution of the world and of the deep desires of its peoples, including the French people.”

She added, “The president’s wishes finally remind us that on the threshold of this New Year, a very clear alternative will be presented to the French. Either the pursuit of the globalist and Europeanist model” or a “commitment to return [sovereignty] to the people.”


This should be an easy decision for our French friends to make, one that becomes simpler and more defined with every passing day of the Islamic invasion. Freedom is popular, and once it’s lost, it’s difficult to regain. Just like in America, the French patriots understand that reality and the true nature of the decision that lies ahead and the globalist threat we must all overcome.

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