French EU Puppet Macron Invites US Libs – Make Planet Great Again, Move To France

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Emmanuel “Rothschild” Macron, the globalist windup toy that they have inserted into the position of President of France, had a few words following the announcement by President Trump that the United States was leaving their little suicide pact. We’ve shaken off the fleas, such as him, his nation of jellyfish and the EU and are walking away, leaving the parasites and their enabling document in a Paris gutter.

The EU, Germany, France and their other puppet client states immediately engaged in damage control, the purpose of the Macron address. They argued lies based upon a false reality in the creation of the climate hoax so they must make similar false arguments to remain consistent as they denounce the blasphemous withdrawal from their cult by the infidel Americans.

The little punk Macron calls us his “American friends.” He doesn’t include the words “parasitic host” in describing our relationship, but he should have. He misspoke; we’re not friends, we’re allies. Friends don’t rape friends.

In establishing the false foundational premise, “Little Frenchy” says, “Climate change is one of the major issues of our time. It is already changing our daily lives, but it is global. Everyone is impacted.” No, you disgusting globalist piece of trash, aside from the political manipulations, nobody is impacted, not one person. Not me, not you, not anyone. If he could possibly name one person, by name, an actual individual who has been effected my man-caused global warming they would have borrowed the Popemobile and be parading them around in the streets of every major city. They can’t so the make vague, scary proclamations instead.

Macron warns doing nothing will lead to invasions, wars and shortages – As his globalists manufacture invasions and wars

The lying leftist goes on to say, “And if we do nothing, our children will know a world of migrations, of wars, of shortage; a dangerous world.” The globalists are already deliberately creating that world through their massive importation of foreigners from terrorist nations in the Middle East and Africa. We’d all be much better off if in fact they were doing nothing, but they are very actively engaged in global destabilization.

If the Russia-hater cabal, which Macron’s puppeteer EU globalists are the leaders of, had their way, we’d be at war with them right now. They already made it possible for the Iranians to become a threat under their operatives Obama and Kerry, planning for future catastrophic conflicts and these criminals are raising alarmist fears over millimeters of ocean level? To the extent that their conspiracy is aimed at destabilizing the world for a takeover and climate is a false premise in its execution Macron is right, it’s a major issue, one entirely fabricated out of greed and power lust.

The Rothschild pitchman calls our exit from the parasitic Paris pact a mistake for the US and for the planet. The mistake was in electing a foreign impostor as “president” and of our gutless Congress refusing to remove him. President Trump corrected that mistake in part, he did not error in doing so.

He holds himself out as superior and invites those who are likewise better than the average American, our “scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and ‘responsible’ citizens who were disappointed” by President Trump standing for America, to emigrate to France, to join with their fellow leftists to create global communism under their fascist rule. Please listen to him, libtards, here’s the link for Help to make America great again by getting the hell out.

The bobble-head metro-sexual says the Paris agreement remains irreversible and will be implemented, not just by France, but by all the other nations. Of course none of them, beyond the remaining sacrificial lambs in the EU, agreed to self-destruct so remaining in the pact is meaningless. The exit of the United States and our assets has already removed any significance from their continued participation. It is now a largely symbolic leftist agitator organization.

Globalist hack Macron takes a parting slap at President Trump, saying we all share the same responsibility to “Make our Planet Great Again.” No, junior, we don’t. Thanks to you French and Germans for taking yourselves out of the competition, Frenchy, and in doing so helping to make America great again. And enjoy that hellhole caliphate you’re creating.

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