French Dictator Hollande Rewrites Own “Obama Legacy” As A Toothless Poodle

fancios hollande

fancios hollande

Hussein Obama isn’t the only globalist leaving office with concerns that his legacy of failure will lead to a post-presidency of ridicule and disgrace. French President Francois Hollande is also being rejected, with his unpopularity making even a desperation run like that of Angela Merkel an impossible fool’s errand.


In a Saturday New Year’s Eve Speech Hollande repeated familiar themes with old, worn-out warnings. Without globalism, chaos will rule the day and we’re all doomed. He warned against rising nationalism, of the incapable commoners throwing off their saddles and shackles and venturing out into the scary real world on their own, free the humanitarian “benefits” of globalist domination and enslavement.

Hollande, the little man who wasn’t slapped around quite enough when he was a nerdy little punk in high school, defended his legacy as the commie president and derided the policies the National Front, and its leader, Marine Le Pen, the people’s likely choice for his successor in elections this year.

Hollande said in the live television broadcast,  “There are periods in history when everything may change dramatically. We’re in one of them. How can we imagine our country being curled up behind walls, reduced to its internal market, going back to its national currency and, on top of that, discriminating between its own children according to their origins?”

Drama queen Hollande needs to get a grip on himself and his fleeting encounters with reality. France won’t be curled up behind walls although strategic fencing might prove beneficial in keeping out the riff-raff and terrorists he’s allowed to infiltrate the nation, destroy their culture and kill innocent civilians. They also won’t be reduced to only their internal market just as Britain hasn’t been, trade is actually improving in the initial time period following the Brexit vote.


As for discriminating between “French” children it’s not too tough. Islamic terrorist sympathizer or rooted imports, immigrant, “refugee” or otherwise, deemed to be a potential terror threat means they immediately go back to Syria or whatever hellhole they and their parents originated in.

Hollande, cited the Brexit vote and election of Donald Trump as negative indicators that proved that democracy, freedom and peace were “vulnerable and reversible.” Those seem to be concepts he’s not familiar with. A vote by the people for freedom from the socialist tyranny of Hussein Obama and his “caliphate under construction” will take us and the world towards peace both domestically and abroad. The same applies for the Brits and their Brexit vote.

What part of democracy is he confused by, the Marxist interpretation of imposed equality and property confiscation?  Thank God many of the abuses of power committed by the self-appointed dictator, Hussein Obama, are reversible, as will be yours as well, you little French snail.

Hollande also warned against undoing the world’s greatest scam this side of the Iran Nuclear Deal ever orchestrated through the UN, his and Obama’s climate change wealth redistribution and skimming hoax. He said, “France will not let anybody or any state, be it the biggest one, call into question this major achievement of the international community.” Thankfully we don’t need this little zit’s permission to declare the truth or to act accordingly. Obama attempted to self-ratify the agreement in violation of the US Constitution. It’s not worth the paper it, complete with his effeminate illegitimate signature, is printed on. Trump Day one – it’s done.


Donald Trump is going to undo much of the corrupt manipulations both Hollande and Obama were slapping each other on the back for less than a year ago.  Remember Hollande, as Obama reminded us in 2009, elections have consequences. This time his side lost and you didn’t dare to even run. It’s obvious to everybody but your little control freak cadre that you’re not wanted or needed by the patriots of our nations.

Following the little French dictator’s attempts to pretend he’s a big man, Marine Le Pen said, “Talking of isolation for a project that, on the contrary, takes part in the flow of history, after Brexit and Donald Trump’s election … is a clear misunderstanding of the world’s evolution and peoples’ deep aspirations.”

She just shut him down before he reached “duh.”

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