Freedom Caucus WARNS Ryan – DELAY RECESS, Pass Trump Agenda OR ELSE

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is getting pressure from House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) and other conservative House members to delay the August recess so Republicans have a chance to pass at least some parts of President Trump’s agenda.

The do-nothing Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell announced on Wednesday that he would be delaying their August recess by two weeks. Ryan followed that with a declaration that in the House they are “far ahead of the pace” and therefore would not be delaying their vacation.  They are on pace to do nothing, according to Meadows’ calculations.

Meadows spoke at the Capitol Hill “Conversations with Conservatives” event on Thursday, saying, “We’re almost at the 200-day mark. It’s not a good story.” He did an analysis of what remains to be done versus the expected time it would take to accomplish it and there’s no room for a five week vacation. If they stick to the current schedule, a tax reform package will not happen.

Meadows said, “I think we may need to move it up sooner. If we are waiting until September that means we will not get tax reform, guys, if we’re waiting until September. You guys have all been around. If we wait until September that means that we get legislative text maybe in October, that means that we maybe get it out of here if it’s fast-tracked by the end of October, which means that it goes over to the Senate and it sits there.”

He said in no uncertain terms, “There’s zero chance that gets enacted into law before the end of the year. I think the tax cut needs to be retroactive so we get the economy moving right away. Meadows noted that the White House is waiting for a tax plan from Congress.

He said, “They’re ready for a plan yesterday, all right. We need to stay here in August or until we get a plan. We can leave in July if we go ahead and get healthcare done, the debt ceiling done and have a plan that we’re talking about on taxes. All of that could be done by the end of July, so let’s go ahead and get it done.”

Meadows is making the kind of sounds a Speaker of the House might be making, one who is a leader and truly works for the American people rather than establishment fat cats. Why don’t you go back home to Wisconsin, Ryan. We’ve found someone who actually would produce for Americans.

He continued, “Let’s talk about deficit-neutral because when you really get there that’s what you are talking about. Let’s do a tax cut so hardworking taxpayers can keep more of their money. It’s not our money, it’s their money, let them keep it. Let’s go ahead and work on it and make sure it happens.”

Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ) took on another big issue, Obamacare. He supports a “straight repeal” vote if the Senate fails to pass an Obamacare replacement bill. He echoed the Meadows position that Ryan should delay the House August recess to get healthcare done and work on appropriations bills.

Biggs said, “Everyone on the Republican side ran on repeal and this is a way to it. We can be highly effective by staying another month. They elected Donald Trump as a change agent and we were elected on that wave and we have every advantage to go in and make huge changes.”

More clear thinking and straight talk – and there’s others. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) reminded his colleagues that many Republicans were re-elected after voting for a full repeal. He said, “It’s not going to cost you an election and it’s not going to cost you the majority. We all took that vote in the House and in the Senate and we all came back, so politically it’s the right thing to do.”

Conversely, failing to do so will enrage their constituents and could very well cost Republicans the majority and do irreparable harm to our nation as a result. Rep Matt Gaetz (R-FL) agreed, pointing out there is “no evidence” to indicate that there isn’t sufficient support in the House for a full Obamacare repeal and the GOP needs to stop sending mixed messages.

Gaetz said, “We should call the bluffs of those who say, ‘well, when it wasn’t real I was willing to vote to repeal Obamacare, but now that we can actually get it done I find myself wringing my hands, wetting the bed and hiding under a table somewhere.,’”

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) urged House conservatives to remind their constituents that they tried to fully repeal Obamacare in this session and Congressional “leadership would not allow that on the House floor.”

Clearly the true conservatives are ready to support President Trump while still holding true to their values. It’s the “moderates,” the RINOs who are the cowards with their fingers in the wind, attempting to pacify all sides by doing nothing. They will also be fine with a Democrat majority, as that’s who they often identify with more closely. Right, Speaker Ryan?


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7 Comments on Freedom Caucus WARNS Ryan – DELAY RECESS, Pass Trump Agenda OR ELSE

  1. What are the voters gonna do if the House goes on vacation, the Senate fails to do a Repeal bill, they also fail to do a Tax Reform bill and Trump’s entire agenda goes to hell, just as the deep state and establishment want?


  3. Repeal the flawed Obozocare NOW—or forever the GOP will be like the DemoCrazies in a spending future that is un-sustainable ! McConnel, Rino Ryan, take yer heads out of your butts !

  4. Shirley Freeland // July 15, 2017 at 10:34 am // Reply

    Both Ryan and McConnell should be replaced because they are being paid to do nothing so President Trump’s promises cannot be fulfilled. This is so sick. President Trump trusted Ryan after he was totally against him during his campaign and even after he won the election. I knew the President made a big mistake by not taking Ryan. McConnell is just another RINO too and however it can be accomplished legally term limits should be a reality to get rid of these people who have become filthy rich by taking bribes from people who have money to buy them off. These people don’t deserve to be making such important decisions about our Country because money in their pocket is their game. These people are despicable. Soros needs to be dealt with because he is destroying our Country by buying people off to ruin our Country along with a lot of other liberals.

  5. Ryan and McConnell are proving their worth…. ZERO!!

  6. Every new idea for Health Care Reform is flawed, useless and will result in more spending by everyone! A FULL REPEAL is the only answer! So Repeal Obamacare, Mr. President!! It’s what you promised, and why you won the election. Nothing less will do.

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