Freedom Caucus Leaders Probe Conflict, Cronyism Of Mueller, Comey

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Three Republican members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have had enough with the partisan witch hunt being conducted in DC by the “good old boys” network, headed by James Comey and Robert Mueller.  They disapprove of the partisanship and double standards which allowed rampant lawlessness on the part of the Obama regime, continuing where possible to this day, while inventing and endlessly hunting for illegality where none exists and no probe is warranted in targeting the President.

Reps. Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meadows (NC), and Jody Hice (GA) said Comey deliberately deceived the American people last year when he agreed to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s demands that he label the investigation into Hillary Clinton a “matter.”

In their piece written for and published Friday on, the three members of Congress noted that Comey followed Lynch’s directive willfully and intentionally and that he also mislead the American people in the initial months of the Trump administration by “furthering the perception that President Trump was under investigation, when in fact he was not.”

They noted that on May 7th 2014, the House passed a resolution calling for a special counsel to investigate the IRS targeting of conservatives and conservative group applications for tax-exempt status strictly on a basis of their political beliefs.

They wrote, “Comey and Attorney General Eric Holder blocked the appointment. This despite the fact that the lead investigator they assigned to the case, Barbara Bosserman, was a max-out contributor to President Obama’s reelection campaign.”

The Reps continued, “This is the type of unequal justice that Americans despise. No special counsel in the IRS targeting investigation. No special counsel for the Clinton email investigation. But if it’s about protecting Comey’s reputation and hurting President Trump, then of course there has to be a special counsel.”

They pointed to the calls throughout 2015 and 2016 from Republicans for a Special Counsel for the Clinton email, espionage and extortion scandals, which the DOJ refused, even after the obvious Lynch collusion in Phoenix with Bill Clinton.

In language that was less accusatory than was warranted, they noted Mueller’s questionable impartiality. In raising an issue that had caused Rep Jordan to previously express his concerns on Fox News, they described how, more than four weeks after the Treasury’s inspector general released a report on the IRS targeting scandal and the DOJ had supposedly begun their investigation, Mueller could not even answer basic questions about the investigation during House testimony.

“Investigating the targeting of conservatives by the IRS, which was the biggest story in the news at the time, was clearly not a priority for Mr. Mueller. As FBI director, he didn’t even know who was doing what.”  

They contrast that lack of involvement with the aggressive nature of his pursuit of President Trump in a case involving no evidence of a crime and his hiring of a team of Clinton donors and Democrat loyalists to conduct it. The Congressmen wrote, “You’d better believe Mr. Mueller has handpicked the exact team he wants.” [To engineer maximum damage and convictions]

They summarized, “The House has a responsibility to defend the deeply-held American principle of equal justice under the law. That’s why we believe it’s time for the House to have hearings on the troubling matter of the motivation and organization of this investigation.”

Finally, the support for President Trump is coming and its source is not the leaders that he was fawning over in the health care battle but the ones Trump vilified and threatened, the American conservative patriots of the Freedom Caucus. Maybe now he will finally figure out who his friends are.


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4 Comments on Freedom Caucus Leaders Probe Conflict, Cronyism Of Mueller, Comey

  1. I don’t know why you don’t have more comments on your articles (tho, the FB shares certainly do) … I can’t think of an article that I haven’t learned something from. Good job, guys!

  2. Thomas Oakley // June 24, 2017 at 10:03 pm // Reply

    It seems to me that this group is doing what trump should be doing or better yet what his att gen should be doing. Instead he takes advice from rinos, traitors, good old boys and even liberals. His so called sec of state is undercutting him almost on a daily basis, the farce that is the fbi still does not have a leader (I think). What happened to all of the obamsssss appointments, etc that undercut him on a daily basis? O yes what happen to those 3 that were…..UNCOVERED) while he was on his trip. All the posts said he was going to take care of it when he got back……but he is long back and where are they……hmmmmmmm still on the job…..sure hope not. Wonder how much his liberal daughter and his son in law are affecting him with their ideas.? Seems he will not listen to those that backed him, but to the ones that were against him. Should be the reverse. O well maybe today will be the day he really starts doing what we elected him for?

  3. Deplorable Doctor // June 24, 2017 at 6:59 pm // Reply

    Praise the Lord for Reps. Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meadows (NC), and Jody Hice (GA).

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