Is Franken Scandal A Dem-Establishment Swamp RUSE To Force Roy Moore Out?

Al Franken could be taking one for the team and George Soros by being set up as a molester to make it impossible for Republicans to seat Roy Moore and to poison public…

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What if all of this Franken stuff is just a continuation of, the next phase in the effort to prevent Roy Moore from being elected to the US Senate?

Sure, it would be an extreme measure, but so are the fabricated Russia claims and the dossier that the same bipartisan establishment politicians ordered and used to attack President Trump. They subscribe to the theory that the bigger the lie, the more believable it is and no lie is too big for the DC swamp creatures.

What if the Democrats, McConnell and other establishment turncoats decided that in order to force Moore out of the race, they needed to demonstrate that they were willing to eat their own?

What if that had something to do with the Ryan decision that sexual harassment training was going to be mandatory and was the reason behind the Jackie Speier testimony before a House committee? Leeann Tweeden claims it was Speier who “gave her the courage” to come forward with her photos and story.

The fix is probably already in on Franken and an ethics investigation. He’ll get a slap on the wrist ultimately, and praise for being “brave enough to admit his errors of the past and stand up as a true champion of women  today?”

Democrats are falling all over each other to decry the actions of their buddy Al, for the time being, and setting a precedent upon which they, McConnell and other establishment RINOs will attack Moore supporters.

Chuck Schumer called for an ethics probe into the most liberal Democrat in the Senate, saying, “Sexual harassment is never acceptable and must not be tolerated.” He added in a statement, “I hope and expect that the Ethics Committee will fully investigate this troubling incident as they should with any credible allegation of sexual harassment.”

The message delivered is that if Roy Moore wins the election, he’ll be targeted by the Dems and McConnell from the outset – it’s only fair and justice, aside from Clinton, Obama and the crooks who populated the last administration, must be blind.

In her statement released with the now infamous photo and the account of the Franken forcing his tongue into her mouth, his victim, Leeann Tweeden, an LA radio personality and former Playboy model, said, “A few weeks ago, we had California Congresswoman Jackie Speier on the show and she told us her story of being sexually assaulted when she was a young Congressional aide.”

Tweeden continued, “She described how a powerful man in the office where she worked ‘held her face, kissed her and stuck his tongue in her mouth.’ At that moment, I thought to myself, Al Franken did that exact same thing to me.” Isn’t that nauseatingly and disgustingly convenient if one were to later realize that she possessed an excellent vehicle for the removal of Moore.

Then, a day after Speier and Comstock give their testimony in the House about abuse going on to this day, the bombshell revelation comes out about Franken. The disgusted public would naturally not want to add to the immoral swamp and throw out the bums who are already there. Al Franken isn’t up for reelection until 2020, that’s plenty of time to make him the model Senator for the Dems.

Curiously, Franken’s accuser, Ms Tweeden, the Playboy model, said on Thursday that she has accepted Franken’s apology and was not calling for the Senator to step down. Was she simply satisfied with humiliating him and putting his career in jeopardy or has she fulfilled her role in the precedent setting ethics investigation and establishing the “mood of the nation?”

While things may have happened exactly as Tweeden described them, she still may have been used as a tool, wittingly or not. Being in possession of that juvenile, compromising photo of Franken opened up a lot of options. Democrats are masters of manipulating the masses and McConnell has already demonstrated he’s willing to spend millions to defeat Moore. This really isn’t a stretch.


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4 Comments on Is Franken Scandal A Dem-Establishment Swamp RUSE To Force Roy Moore Out?

  1. I think Harvey Swinestein could also be part of this plot.
    All these two-legged critters are beholden to Satan, so they will fall
    on their swords for him.

  2. The Dems tried this same game with the President, Hannity and Bill O’Reily to get rid of them. It didn’t work. This is a scam by the Dems so they can win the Senate seat. Hopefully the people of Alabama are smart enough to figure it out and vote for Moore.

  3. I totally agree with these points. They are also turning up the heat so the public is turned off regardless of evidence, which as you say, will only affect Moore since Franken is safe. The “me too” meme seems fabricated by many of these stories.

    These allegations should be made at the time they happen. Waiting 10, 20, 40 years, to me, is not credible.

    the President is NOT going to be able to this by himself, he NEEDS OUR HELP.

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