France Votes For EU Puppet Macron – Gonna Have To Learn The Hard Way

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The press and politicians are hailing the victory of Macron over Le Pen to be the next president of France as a victory for the EU and in the short term there is no doubt of that. They are clearly in control of France for now with the successful installation of their puppet. Then again, Hollande was also their French Poodle and he demonstrated there are limits to how much damage one misguided, inept president might be able to do. On a global standard, Hussein Obama has already set that bar quite high.

Shortly after the first projections were published, Marine Le Pen conceded to Macron and simultaneously issued a challenge for the future. She made a statement calling upon “all patriots to join us” in constituting a “new political force.” Her party will not be called the “National Front,” and she has left no doubt that it will be the voice of resistance to globalism, the destruction of France, and the Macron presidency.

Hers will be but one challenge to the incoming administration, led by a boy who has never governed before and whose life has been entirely choreographed by the elites in preparation for this moment, having nothing earned of his own merit. This will be his first attempt at governing, he heads a political party that is barely a year old, and he has been promising everything to everybody in order to get elected. It won’t be long before his inability to make good on those pledges will lead to a loss in popularity.

The next one or two terrorist attacks will also test Macron, although, given the fact that he was elected despite his promises to continue with the current open borders madness of the EU, he may not have to deal with that problem. He could simply remind the French people that they knew he represented more of the same and an acceptance of terrorism and the loss of life is just part of the deal. They were given the opportunity to take action against it but they went with the hopey-changey Obama clone instead. As we say in the US, elections have consequences, a lesson the French are about to learn firsthand.

Former Brexit and UKIP leader Nigel Farage understands that progress was made and events will inevitably play out in the favor of self-rule by the French, given more time. He said, “Macron offers five more years of failure, more power to the EU and a continuation of open borders. If Marine sticks in there, she can win in 2022.” She’s only 58 and five years of being able to say “I told you so,” will only make her a more commanding political force.

Just as in the US Americans had to endure the Obama destruction and actually reach bottom before we were able to gain the momentum, the attention of the “stupid people” who believe in empty promises, the French will likewise have to suffer through this EU know-nothing destructive clown. 

The French people have made their bed and now they’re going to have lie in it. Their country will look a lot different after five long years under this “boy wonder” as he engages in his on the job training. They can look forward to a France that is an occupied state, both by foreign invaders and a foreign government and which has evolved into simply a region of the soulless, multi-cultural, foreign-ruled EU. How could they be so blind to what just happened, what they just did to themselves?


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9 Comments on France Votes For EU Puppet Macron – Gonna Have To Learn The Hard Way

  1. I’m thinking that he has that look of corruption smirked across his mug. Just sayin’….

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // May 8, 2017 at 7:36 am // Reply

    Great people? France has always caved, check out WWII…sad for France. She is lost now

  3. This is just great! We get rid of one drug-headed queer and they need to bring in another right behind him. The Deep State will be celebrating tonight. I will be cleaning my tools.

  4. Kathleen Woods // May 8, 2017 at 5:50 am // Reply

    Doubt if the French peeps votes counted; that Nazi was bought & paid for like Barry was.Smell Soros & the whole Left. The stench is so over welming yet they walk free.Kikkary would have won this country would be the same. Sick;wake up libs cause they won’t spare you !

  5. “…how could they be so blind?” I don’t believe they were – I suspect some serious election fraud going on that was NOT exposed. What was exposed, however, was enough facts about Macron’s total treason to cause any French person who can read to vote FOR LePen. I suspect the outside, foreign interference worked this time after their trial run in America in 2016. France is the globalist second run at total control after their loss in America. Unfortunately, I worry about President Trump’s safety because this ‘win’ is a shot in the Deep State’s arm and for sure they will shoot back. Au revoir mes amis du France!

  6. Kelleigh Nelson // May 8, 2017 at 5:27 am // Reply

    The core of France has been anti-Semitic for decades. It was nearly 25 years ago that the Simon Wiesenthal Institute warned Jews to not visit France because it was too dangerous. The Islamist globalist cabal has won, and no doubt France is done. Goodbye to the weakest link in WWII’s Europe…you are now owned.

  7. Watcher (Nancy) // May 8, 2017 at 5:24 am // Reply

    A bit of advice to the people who can possibly afford to leave France………….. LEAVE NOW!
    France generally and The City of Lights is doomed….
    … the White Shoe Boy got in, either by rigged voting system or by a well funded insidious con job on the people… Doesn’t matter either way, he is in and just like Macri in Argentina he WILL finishing trashing France.
    These hybrid-reptiles are determined to take this planet where they want it to go…

    Well, I guess that any of us real people who thought they were going to just roll over and give up were silly weren’t we?
    After all logic tells you that nobody, much less psychopathic entities are going to relinquish millions of blood slaves working and handing over their money/energy to the masters of the globe… without a fight.

  8. Firstly, Macron is no centrist. He is a left wing globalist. His election all but assures the death of France. I am stunned by this. The gutlessness of these once great people.

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