Macron, Modi Exchanged Vows In Paris – Promise Climate Hypocrisy

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The pure hypocrisy and disingenuous theatrics of globalists and those they entertain is both offensive and laughable. The fact that they get away with is directly attributable to the apathy, naiveté and brainwashing of the citizens of every nation around the globe. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited President Emmanuel “Rothschild” Macron in Paris on Saturday where the two engaged in some of the most phony, empty, dishonest political theater in recent memory.

Modi arrived in Paris in the aftermath of President Trump’s announcement of the Climate hoax pullout and surprisingly vowed that his country will “continue” to go “above and beyond” in its fulfillment of the Paris climate accord. How hard is it to continue to do nothing, Modi? And to go above and beyond nothing wouldn’t take much either. He could turn the thermostat a degree or two for a day in the official mansion and that would more than meet the definition.

Modi said, with a straight face, as he stood next to “Rothschild” Macron in a Saturday news conference, that the Paris agreement was part of “our duty to protect Mother Earth.” That’s a duty that Modi has made quite clear comes with strings attached, just as President Trump stated in his speech. We all are vividly aware of the “negotiating prowess” of Obama and Kerry from the Iran debacle, so it’s not surprising that India insisted on signing onto the deal only if their demands were met.

As the summit opening day was rapidly approaching, in October of 2015, The Daily Caller reported that “Indian climate change minister Prakash Javadekar said he was ‘not at all happy’ with the draft version for reasons of ‘equity’ and indicated that India will oppose it during the next round of negotiations. Under India’s proposed commitment, the country will triple its CO2 emissions.

In the negotiations, India is perhaps the most important developing country as it has led the effort by poorer countries to force wealthier nations to increase financial assistance in exchange for cooperation on climate change. India has made it clear that it will only begin reducing its emissions if it receives substantial assistance from Western countries, equivalent to $2.5 trillion over the next 15 years in direct aid, grants, and cheap financing.

The Obama administration had already committed $4 billion to subsidize the development of solar power in India.”

It seems financial gain is more of a factor in decision making than “Mother Earth,” but he’s likely just playing along, fully aware that it’s all a scam and just getting his take for himself or his country, perhaps both. Another official of the Indian government, Anil Swarup, the top bureaucrat in India’s coal ministry, further illustrated the duplicity of the Indian position when he stated, just after the signing, “The environment is non-negotiable and we are extremely careful about it. (But) our dependence on coal will continue. There are no other alternatives available.”

The Guardian reported, “While India has plans to add 30 times more solar-powered generation capacity by 2022, there were limitations to clean energy and coal would remain the most efficient energy source for decades.”

Modi continued to pretend he and his nation were actually sacrificing in the name of the non-existent threat, saying, “The Paris agreement is the common heritage of the world. It is a gift that this generation can give.” Of course, by the time his country gets around to participating, thirteen years from now, it will already be the next generation.

India’s environment minister, Harsh Vardhan, added his comments on Friday, saying, “As far as the Paris agreement is concerned … our government is committed irrespective of the stand of anyone, anywhere in the world.”

That being said, it’s clear from their own words that that is not the case. They’re only committed when a schmuck like Obama is throwing trillions of taxpayer dollars their way. Or when they’re making empty proclamations about how moral they are.


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3 Comments on Macron, Modi Exchanged Vows In Paris – Promise Climate Hypocrisy

  1. We shouldn’t blame Modi. We should blame it all on ignorance, stupidity.

    Approximately 1% of earth’s atmosphere consists of “greenhouse gases” such as water vapor, methane and CO2.
    Approximately .28% of the greenhouse gases are produced by man. 99.72% are natural.
    Approximately 3.62% of greenhouse gases are CO2 and 3.4% of that is attributable to man.

    So, .034 x .0362 x .01 = .0000012308 or .00012308% of earth’s atmosphere is CO2 produced by man. Liberals will play with the numbers all day to prevent an honest interpretation of the facts. But, the truth is, man does not have meaningful impact on the composition of the atmosphere. Modi apparently hasn’t taken the time to understand this. Or, Modi is simply living a convenient lie, similar to Al Gore.

    On the other hand, the air we breathe is under severe attack of man-produced pollution and India, Modi’s home, is one of the earth’s greatest violators. China has historically ranked up there with India. Perhaps Modi is confused, not simply stupid or dishonest? Perhaps he doesn’t know the air pollution produced in his cities is bad but shouldn’t be confused with CO2? No, I think Modi understands very well. He’s just playing along with the scam for whatever riches he can game from it. Just another corrupt b’tard contaminating the earth by his presence. GFY Modi.

  2. If you’ve noticed, the Anointed One bypassed the Senate on this and entered straight in to the agreement so Congress couldn’t vote against it like they did the UN gun ban which he entered us in to anyway … (???)

    Obviously his whole motivation was to enter us into ANYTHING that would bring us down and allow others to rise up above us (eventually, at least in his theory) all under the disguise of a climate problem and gun problem that doesn’t exist so we would be further bankrupted and thus most likely to collapse and collapse sooner (does this sound like Venezuela to you?).

    Interstingly, I keep getting petition requests from Rand Paul for lobbying Trump on getting rid of the UN gun ban. I don’t understand why the POTUS has to sign off on getting us out of a gun ban that Congress voted against us getting in to in the first place … ???

    NAFTA renegotiation, the Paris Agreement, the UN Gun Ban, etc., seems all upside down when it comes to getting out of it.

    • I’ve written quite a bit that the climate agreement was never ratified and the same thing you point out of them labeling it as something other than what it is to bypass the Constitution – the three year window to get out of the thing should not apply. Maybe we’ll opt out of the underlying agreement – maybe do the right thing and get out of the UN altogether

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