Former Visa Officer – Trump Must Correct Obama’s “Don’t Bother Checking” Vetting System

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Jessica Vaughn, of the Center for Immigration Studies, put to rest some misconceptions about the travel ban executive order issued by President Trump in a recent interview with WND. She reminded the American people that it is a temporary order, not a permanent ban and that it is necessary because of national security concerns and the threat posed by the terrorists of the religion of peace.

She notes that under Hussein Obama there was, at best, very limited and ineffectual vetting of visa recipients from terrorist nations, a situation due in part to the lack of a system against which to check applicants and part to federal laxity. 

She said, “I think the most misunderstood part is that people are being permanently prevented from coming to the United States who had been approved before. This is not a permanent ban. It’s a temporary suspension. You can call it a ban if you want, but it’s a temporary ban. No one has been told that the benefit they were approved for has been taken away.”

She also reminded, “I have to emphasize there is language in this executive order that anybody with a particularly emergency situation, compelling circumstances, in imminent danger, or in other categories can ask for a waiver.  From what I’ve heard in statements today, they’ve already granted more than a thousand waivers for people.”

She restated the purpose of the executive action, which the left has deliberately distorted into an anti-Muslim ban, saying, “The point was to give our government the opportunity to take another look at these people who have been granted green cards, visas, refugee status. We know that the vetting process under the Obama administration was not adequate.”

As WND noted, Vaughan is a former visa officer. She stressed from firsthand experience the importance of being able to verify information and conduct investigations in determining the suitability and motives of an applicant – vetting. She said not only did the Obama regime routinely fail to conduct basic screening of applicants, they would even waive interviews completely.

“In other cases, officers were not allowed to look very deeply into the applications that they got,” Vaughan said. “The claims they made on their applications were not always verified. Officers were told to assume that they were qualified and not ask too many questions. [There was] not a lot of fraud prevention work taking place.”

She referenced the vetting problem that FBI Director Comey alluded to in his “until the cows come home” testimony in Congressional hearings, that without a structure in place in the country of origin for identifying and tracking individuals, there is no way of verifying any of their claims or become aware of misdeeds or dangerous affiliations.

She said, “In some of these countries, we don’t have enough of a relationship with the government to be able to be sure that people’s identities are who they say they are or that their story checks out.”

“There was a lot of enforcement that was undone by the Obama administration. We’ve seen illegal immigration rise to levels we have not seen in many years.” She added, “It is important to recognize that our security has been put at risk every single day that we have not had adequate vetting in place, so it was important to put a stop to that as soon as possible.”

That’s the intelligent and logical way to approach the issue. Then there’s the libtards, like Judge James Robart, an agitator who acted outside of his authority in usurping the legal orders of the President of the United States because they conflicted with his own personal beliefs. Robart is a terrorist’s best friend, who sees the vetting we do to determine who, if anyone, we allow in, as problematic, from his globalist perspective. The Ben and Jerry’s bow-tied egghead liberal is not far from earning terrorist credentials for himself due to his abuse of power, overreach and aiding and abetting of those who want to change our nation, establish a caliphate and kill Americans.


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