Former DNI Clapper Defends No-Vetting Reality, Attacks President Trump

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Sure, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to Congress about spying on American citizens and did so having received the question in advance from fellow Democrat, Senator Ron Wyden or Oregon. Wyden is no fan of the deceptive spy chief, stating when Clapper announced his retirement in November, “During Director Clapper’s tenure, senior intelligence officials engaged in a deception spree regarding mass surveillance. Top officials, officials who reported to Director Clapper, repeatedly misled the American people and even lied to them.”

But Clapper’s out of the government now and not under oath so there’s no reason to believe that he’s lying once again. There’s also no motivation for him to claim that the feeble vetting or other efforts undertaken under the pro-invasion Islamist Hussein Obama were anything other than effective.

That is unless you take into consideration the testimony of the FBI Director and Deputy Director for Counterterrorism who say that it’s impossible to vet these people, but he talking to CNN. There’s no way real facts or issues will intrude into one of their softball interviews.

The narration quotes Clapper as saying he’s “aware of no intelligence necessitating the travel ban.” There could be intelligence that he’s able to claim he’s not aware of, as he’s not aware, apparently of the FBI findings. He could also be aware of factors that, although real, in his flawed judgment don’t rise to the level of “necessitating” the ban.

With all of the coherence of someone awoken from a drunken stupor, Clapper responds to a question of whether the terror threat necessitates such a ban. The Obama loyalist and master of vague half responses replies, “Well, I don’t believe we in the IC were aware of any extraordinary threats that we weren’t already dealing with,” a sentence that is loaded with as many wiggle room qualifiers as one could possibly pack into it without it becoming a sentence about something else.

He says he thinks they were using some very rigorous vetting processes, an interesting trick since there is no information available from within any of those seven banned nations to determine even whether the individual is actually who he or she claims to be, let alone any information on their backgrounds. Just how rigorous can blind faith acceptance of someone’s claims be, Clapper?

He moves on to criticize the travel ban instituted by the guy who dared to challenge his now never mentioned assertion that Russia hacked our elections. Clapper agrees with the leading question that the interviewer placed into his mouth, asking if it damaged the US image and also counter-terror partnerships. He says he worries about “those countries in question, with whom we do deal and who are reliable partners.” So Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Iran are reliable partners? We’re dealing with them now, as Iran shoots off ballistic missiles and launches attacks from bases in Yemen he’s worried about hurting their feelings? This guy’s no regular liar, he’s pathological.

He also worries about “this creating a recruiting tool for the extremists.” Not the Islamic extremists, just any extremist, the way locking terrorists up in Gitmo supposedly did. He reiterated the blatant lie, stating that he’s “confident in the vetting that the US is already doing for travelers from these countries.” If he’s confident he should have been removed from his position long ago.

Clapper addresses what some believe was an attempt by Clapper or his ilk to blackmail or otherwise manipulate President Trump which backfired, the supposed “Russian dossier” that John McCain gave to the FBI.

He then is led by the typical biased CNN propagandist back to the topic of the walls at the CIA and the NSA which commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. No disrespect was intended, obviously and perhaps there is some convenient outrage manifesting itself in the form of criticism of Clapper’s adversary, the Republican President who stood up to him.

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