Stick A Fork In Corker, He’s Done – Judge Roy Moore Claims First Victim

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Senator Bob Corker (RINO-TN) has seen what the people of Alabama have done to force their short-term establishment tool, Luther Strange, out of office and he knows the good folks of Tennessee and the nation have a lot more reasons to be coming after him in 2018.

Corker’s crooked but he’s no idiot. He doesn’t need the exposure or the headache of trying to defend his sweetheart deals and complicity with the good old boys of DC and beyond. Even with President Trump’s help Luther Strange was doomed by his association with the corrupt establishment. Bob Corker is a fixture of that establishment, its definition, and would likely not be able to find enough money to buy another term in office. McConnell’s going to be spread pretty thin trying to keep his RINO network in place.

Corker saw the writing on the wall. They still haven’t repealed Obamacare, as he and his lying cronies repeatedly promised they would. He knows he’s not wanted and squatting in place only works for illegal aliens. It’s time for him to recognize the obvious, accept reality and move on. He issued the following statement on Tuesday announcing that this current term in the Senate is his last and he will not be running for re-election in 2018.

“After much thought, consideration and family discussion over the past year, Elizabeth and I have decided that I will leave the United States Senate when my term expires at the end of 2018.

When I ran for the Senate in 2006, I told people that I couldn’t imagine serving for more than two terms. Understandably, as we have gained influence, that decision has become more difficult. But I have always been drawn to the citizen legislator model, and while I realize it is not for everyone, I believe with the kind of service I provide, it is the right one for me.

I also believe the most important public service I have to offer our country could well occur over the next 15 months, and I want to be able to do that as thoughtfully and independently as I did the first 10 years and nine months of my Senate career.

Serving the people of Tennessee in this capacity has been the greatest privilege of my life. And as I spent the month of August traveling across our great state, I was reminded that we live in a unique place full of people who care deeply about the direction of our country.

I am grateful to the people of Tennessee for the opportunity to serve my state and country. I have been fortunate to do so with an extraordinary staff, and I want to thank them for their incredible dedication. I know that we will continue to have an impact for the remainder of our term, and I look forward to finding other ways to make a difference in the future.

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Elizabeth, and our family, who have made many sacrifices in allowing me to serve. Nothing I have done would have been possible without their love and support.”


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7 Comments on Stick A Fork In Corker, He’s Done – Judge Roy Moore Claims First Victim

  1. As is the case in many states, Tennessee has a GOP organization that will continue to recruit candidates who will perpetuate the establishment. I don’t think the voters will ever learn.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // September 27, 2017 at 11:53 am // Reply

    Remember, I told you about this…now wait and watch, another just like him will enter the scene and be elected in TN. We’re just as stupid here as they are in Alabama with bypassing Mo Brooks. Moore is very bad news. Don’t believe me? Read this:

  3. It’s definitely time for Corker to go. If he hasn’t learned how to fight FOR America rather than AGAINST her in the past ten years, then he never will. I’m hoping we can accomplish something if we get enough real conservatives in Congress, even one at a time. If hope’s all I’ve got, then I’ll have to hang onto it.

  4. I believe the Moore victory sent a message that Banon and company will find and vet Constitution supporting candidates. Maybe, just maybe Trump has gotten the message, that we voted for MAGA and not a person.

  5. There will be NO swamp drained……. what is the matter with you guys anyway?
    It has been 9 months and even YOU know the swamp is deeper, darker, more twisted and gloomy than it was when the “Great Orange Light” rode into Washington and his pedestal of POWER on his magic ‘ass’.

  6. Ya gotta luv it when these posturing phony politiians.. aka blood suckers use these endless superlative adjectives… “amazing, super, fabulous, incomparable, incredible, passion, dedication, “my capacity”. serve, they toss this verbiage around like gum balls in Ronald Reagan’s office…
    ….. and it is all done to impress you,you blithering idiots, you walking-deaders….. that is AFTER they’ve stolen everything that wasn’t NAILED DOWN!!! And gotten it in hand and are headed out the door with it ALL….
    And you-all are going to bitch a bit and let them all get away with it too.

  7. Drain The Freckin SWAMP—-one at a time—What did corker ever do for Tn or America other than being a self-serving agent of graft and greed !—-GREAT NEWS for MAGA ! These career politicos do nothing for Americans in the trenches of TAXATION while they are afforded every gratuity their position provides ! DRAIN THE FRECKIN SWAMP.

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