Forget Lost Sovereignty – Focus On The Shiny Object, The Sock Puppets

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The liberal children now running Canada and Ireland are being allowed to sit at the grownup table and are, predictably, making a mess of things. It’s no accident, they’re doing it on behalf of their globalist masters, which include, in the US, Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. If they have their way, we’ll all soon be eating scraps off of the floor beneath them, fighting over whatever they might drop or toss to us for sport or out of pity. They distract their victims with their silly boy routine intended to portray them as regular guys that can be trusted. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Canada’s open border, pro-Islamic caliphate Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, observed on Tuesday that Britain and the United States are “turning inward.” That was his description of defending ourselves against the Islamic invasion in comments he made during a G20 warm-up propaganda visit to Dublin, .

Trudeau stated that there are “clear disagreements” with the United States ahead of the G20 summit this week. He’s right about the disagreements and they exist because Trudeau is wrong about everything else. He said, “The choices made by the United States on trade and climate change are at odds with the majority of G20 countries, or even all the other G20 countries.”

He’s speaking specifically about those nations under globalist EU control which have been propagandized by the fake media into believing that unicorns can fly. He predicted that there would be “robust and honest exchanges about how to serve not only our citizens but the whole planet.” Thanks for illustrating your unfettered globalism for us, Justin – take off, eh.

Trudeau said, “There are tremendous opportunities for countries like Canada and Ireland, at a time where perhaps our significant allies and trading partners in the case of both the US and the UK are turning inward or at least turning into a different direction.” We’re turning back to where we should have been prior to the affliction of Hussein Obama, while you, little boy Justin, are the plague of the white Obama. Thank God we’re headed in different directions.

Irish Prime Minister and submissive globalist lapdog, Leo Varadkar, reiterated Ireland’s commitment to a subservient position to the European central government, saying, “We each share a relationship with a very big neighbor, a neighbor that has to a certain extent decided to go in a different direction at least for the time being.”

Describing Britain’s decision to leave the EU as unfortunate, Varadkar said, “I can’t see a scenario where Britain could remain a member of the EU, even in transitional period, and then negotiate other trade deals on their own.” Gee, Leo, that sounds like a combined threat and warning, directed at the Brits but also those who might want to return to self government across the European continent. You’re depicting it as a decision between the economic benefits of trade versus being fed a steady diet of cultural and religious destruction by the pro-caliphate EU masters in Brussels.

Once again a first generation sellout to their nation, Varadkar, who is the son of an Indian “migrant” and a homosexual, doesn’t appreciate or likely even understand the meaning of traditional Irish values. They elected him and they’ll have to live with that mistake. In his comments Varadkar repeated the typical, tiresome globalist talking points of how wonderful open borders, balkanization and non-assimilation are, what he called immigration and diversity.

He added, “Both countries and both governments are committed to multilateralism as the best means by which we can solve the world’s problems.” Once again a pair of tools in the Obama model that don’t represent their nations are attempting to instead lead the world.

You messed up big time Ireland and Canada.The damage, just as it is for the US with the consequences after Hussein Obama, will be long term, expensive, chaotic, distruptive and painful.


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