Fmr Sheriff Babeu On Trump Immigration Executive Orders, Border Emergency

former pinal sheriff babeu


Today Donald Trump took the first steps towards making good on his promises to build the border wall and to return to the enforcement of our existing immigration laws that had been gutted by his outlaw predecessors in the Obama regime. President Trump signed two executive orders mandating actions to correct those deficiencies and security concerns.

The first order focused on building the wall, more detention space for illegals, and end to the catch and release policy of non-enforcement, allowing CBP agents to do their jobs, and the tracking and arrest of “criminal” illegal aliens. The second order returns powers to ICE that had been degraded and diminished by the Obama regime, withholding of visas from nations which refuse to accept their repatriated criminals, and  attaching financial penalties in the form of the forfeiture of federal funds for non-compliant sanctuary states and cities.

Former Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is asked if the measures and plan will work. He replies, “Absolutely, some people saw this campaign promise and thought that’s all it was and lo and behold, here it’s only a few days and Donald Trump is actually delivering on his promises. And this is great news for America, the fact that we’re going to empower our law enforcement officers to actually enforce the law. And to actually build the wall, to actually, all of these fraudulent asylum seekers from Central America, guess what. They’re not going to be allowed in anymore.”

He says, “And so we’re going to go after the felony, convicted criminals who are illegals, which there’s a million to two million of which in the United States, that pose a continued threat to American families and our safety. And Donald Trump, everybody keeps scratching their head on the left saying, ‘what’s this America first’ like it’s some code, against some people. This is what it is. It’s putting America, our families, our security, national security first and Donald Trump is doing it.”

He notes that the problems in human trafficking and drug trafficking have increased in recent months across the entire southwest border due to a rush to get across the border before Mr. Trump took over. As for the issue of terrorism, he says, “Certainly, there’s a constant terror threat.” He notes the pool of illegal border crossers includes many nationalities, not just Mexicans or Central Americans. “We have people from countries of interest, like Syria, like Somalia, like the Middle East – this is a major problem. And the fact that we don’t have a secure border where hundreds and hundreds of thousands of illegals and all of these other people from countries of interest, like Pakistan, like Iraq, that we don’t want here, we have a sovereign right to secure that border, to protect our country.”

He makes the point that “If hundreds of thousands of basic illegals can get through, just imagine if a few possible terrorists can sneak through. This is a threat and it’s going to come to an end.”

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