Patriot Gen Flynn Falls To Deep State Globalists, Trump Better End It Or He’s Next

General Flynn was targeted because he stood up to Obama while in his administration and was a Trump insider. If Trump doesn’t start acting like a President he’ll be next. He’ll

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The only thing the guilty plea of General Mike Flynn on Friday indicates is that any time the FBI says they want to talk to you, refuse. No matter what the circumstances, take the Fifth Amendment.

The FBI can lie, and engage in all sorts of illegal behavior and will be protected by the DOJ from investigation or even having to produce documents.

If, eventually that day does come where some of the documents are pried away from their clenched fists, they’ll be in a redacted, virtually useless and obstructive form.

But for a citizen slave [other than the elites like Hillary Clinton] to claim they don’t remember or if they don’t feel like going to confession before those who aren’t good enough to wipe their target’s butt, that can get you five years in prison. The safe way is to dummy up, like Democrats do. Lois Lerner comes to mind.

So General Michael Flynn admitted, under extreme duress, his career destroyed and his financial security, everything he’d worked for all of his life rapidly falling under the expenses of having to defend himself from an unjust witch hunt with limitless confiscated taxpayer wealth at its disposal, finally was forced to comply.

He admitted to nothing wrong beyond the lying to the FBI, it is not a crime for an American Citizen to talk to a Russian citizen and incoming administrations do it all of the time. Unlike Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, Flynn was not working to profit off of America or against our national security, he was paving the way for better relations in the aftermath of that  type of abuse. Flynn is still a hero and a patriot.

He says he feels abandoned by the Trump administration and he has been. Whether it was avoidable or not, the collusion between the Democrats and the media has forced the Russia issue to be a one-sided, look where there is no crime and find one where it doesn’t exist affair. It’s hard to believe that President Trump, who is known to be loyal to those who are loyal to him, has allowed this personal destruction to continue.

It’s easy to see how General Flynn may have reached a point where he decided enough was enough. If he’s being hung out to dry why not just play ball?

If President Trump is ever going to stand up to his globalist antagonists now would be the time. He could sit down in front of the cameras as he has refused to do in the past, and order his cowardly and complicit Attorney General to fire Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein. He needs to reopen the prematurely closed facade of an investigation by James Comey, an immediate ticket to relief for President Trump. Why has Jeff Sessions been protecting the Obama perpetrators and allowing them to persecute our President? Is he really the traitor he appears to be?

President Trump, assisted by his Attorney General, a replacement if necessary, could go target the real criminals before all of America in a prime time address to the American people. He could lay out the case against the real criminals, exposing their corruption in the Uranium One cover up as well as their blatant conflicts of interest with James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

President Trump, the great deal maker, has been flapping in the wind, doing nothing but shouting insults via tweet at those involved. He’s supposedly the most powerful man in the world and yet he can do nothing to extricate himself from this illegal inquisition? The clown of an attorney President Trump has, Cobb, is leading him down a path that ends with his destruction.

Action should have been taken to end this farce sooner but now is better than later. What he sees happening to General Flynn today is the future of himself and members of his family. It’s completely avoidable; he just needs to grow a pair of Presidential cajones. Trump must stop placating the frothing globalists. They’ll be screaming at every action he takes or has taken until they realize their goal of impeachment and imprisonment. Put Clinton, Mueller and the dirty FBI mob behind bars first.


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9 Comments on Patriot Gen Flynn Falls To Deep State Globalists, Trump Better End It Or He’s Next

  1. I agree with your article Rick! It is time for President Trump to get the ball rolling and stop this. The people are getting tired of the continuation of Mueller and his witch hunt and it needs to end. NOW!!! Thanks for the article very well stated which needs to go right to the president.

  2. James Higginbotham // December 2, 2017 at 9:58 am // Reply

    as a Marine were taught to be AGGRESSIVE, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, you always want to keep your ENEMIES ON THEIR HEELS, TRUMP NEEDS TO DO THIS, AND ONLY THIS, and not let up until his and our ENEMIES as well are too BUSY DEFENDING THEMSELVES THEY CAN’T MOUNT A COUNTER ATTACK.

  3. Kelleigh+Nelson // December 2, 2017 at 7:23 am // Reply

    Thank you Rick, this is the truth of it. Thank you.

  4. Flynn was one of the best he brought into the administration. Flynn was America first and against Muslim terrorist coming into the country. His full support for MAGA is why they had to get rid of him. Trump should have kept him and let the gov. fund his defense.

    If I remember, I think it was the globalist weasel Pence who “outed” Flynn. While there is no real crime here, they may just impeach Trump when they whip up more fury, and all they need is Pence to concur that Trump is mental.

    If they pull it off we’ll have the Ryan/Pence full on influx of 3rd worlders.

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