Flake Attacks On Trump Milder, Stealthier Because He Wants An Amnesty Bill

jeff flake


Broken-Horn RINO Senator Jeff Flake has never hesitated to criticize the President, secure that his loyal Mormon base will elect him regardless of what he does to subvert the interests of the United States. The open borders advocate and globalist establishment tool was a guest on Face the Nation, Sunday, with host John Dickerson leading off their discussion with a question on the travel ban executive order.

Predictably Flake was against it when President Trump signed it, and he still is although he admits it’s constitutional and not a ban on a religion as the leftist alarmists have alleged.  He says, “It sends the wrong message to our allies abroad.” Those include the same European allies who are experiencing a barrage of terrorist and criminal activities domestically due to their foolish failure to adopt similar policies in the face of a mass invasion orchestrated by the EU globalists. Those are also allies in the Middle East, such as Egypt, who are fighting Islamic terrorist efforts at conquest domestically themselves.

In a modification of his typical opposition, Flake acknowledges that “the President wants to keep the country safe, I recognize that, I think everybody does and I applaud him for trying to do so.”  He implies faults in the reasoning behind the pause, saying, “It needs to be constitutional [which he already agreed it was] and it needs to be wise.” Here comes the RINO attack.

Flake says, “We need to look and see where the real threats are,” which is exactly what the President is trying to do if all of the obstructionists would get out of his way and let him, “and not so much just what was promised in the campaign.”

The cheap shot artist may not be used to following through on his campaign promises unless his money changer masters tell him to, but keeping promises that were legitimate during the campaign is not a bad thing. It’s something the voters should expect of their leaders.

Flake notes that he lives in the jurisdiction of the frequently overturned 9th Circuit Court, and expresses his view that it’s fine to complain about a ruling but that personal attacks on judges should be avoided and are disheartening.

As usual, Flake is wrong again. That’s the kind of political correctness that enables these legal hacks to subvert the American people and insert themselves as proxy legislators and presidents. Especially now, when Obama has packed the courts with his agents of change, they need to be held accountable for their ridiculous and treacherous rulings.

Flake then discredits President Trump, stating, “I don’t think that the ban that went in place was really based on our national intelligence or their assessment.” Of course he doesn’t have access to those that information to the degree that the President does, so his assessment is less accurate, a guess that is painting the President as acting emotionally rather than thoughtfully. Even if that is his belief his decision to state those feelings publicly without proof is, as Gorsuch would say, “disheartening.”

He also defends the woman, Guadalupe Rayos, who has been the poster illegal for stepped up enforcement by President Trump. He minimizes her crime of document fraud, the stealing of an American’s identification, saying, “I don’t think anybody wants to put her in the same class as aggravated felons.” Think again, Senator, they both deserve seats on a bus headed south, and keep filling the tank until they’re all back where they belong.

He then makes a veiled pitch for his gang of eight amnesty bill to be reintroduced, calling it working with the administration. These progressives, even the ones disguised as Republicans, never give up. Flake needs a private sector job, preferably one in which he has to compete against illegals to get hired and for his wage scale. He needs to be taught the meaning of “America first.”

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