Fitton – Trump Can Get Library Rice Unmasking Docs – Target Lynch, Clinton

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It was Judicial Watch that once again broke the story, that records from Susan Rice’s exploitative snooping into the political opponents of the Obama White House had been moved to  the Obama library and were off limits for five years. Originally that was what they believed and reported, that they were beyond reach for the time being.

Judicial Watch President, Tom Fitton says, “It shows you that even in the Trump White House organization the National Security Council is just moving information and evidence that the seemingly public and the President would want, out from right under his nose to the national archives, the Obama ‘presidential’ Library, under the Presidential Records Act, when documents from the prior president get and cataloged and eventually made available, as you say, beginning five years or so after the ‘president leaves office.”

Things may not be as bleak nor Rice as shielded as first thought. Fitton says, “But there are ways around that restricted access and one of them is – the President needs them he can have them. And so the question now for the White House is whether they’re going to get some records like these back. We had asked for the Rice unmasking records, the DNC hacking information that the White House may have had, and the so-called Russia collusion issue and the National Security Office helpfully told us to go the Obama ‘presidential’ Library. And they actually gave us the address and the email and phone number of the library as well, which is of course a big help”

Asked why the National Security Council would do that, Fitton addresses the important issue of when the transfer happened. He says that if it happened during the Trump administration, “without anyone told that ‘Look, we’re sending these records away. Is there anything that you want to keep, in terms of copies of original records, for the use of this President?’ Because that’s what the law allows for and that’s what I thought caution would have indicated but evidently it wasn’t done.”

The easiest way is for President Trump to request the documents, if he will

Fitton says the easiest way is for President Trump to request the documents but that they could also be obtained through subpoena by a prosecutor investigating unmasking although to his knowledge one does not exist at this time. Congress or private litigants could also issue subpoenas, a tactic that has had a less than stellar track record against the obstruction professionals of the Obama criminal organization.

Fitton also recommends, at a minimum, the audit of the way the prior Clinton case was handled by the DOJ under Lynch and Comey and welcomes the potential investigation into the probable wrongdoing by Lynch. Related to that topic, Fitton noted that there are still three issues with Clinton that have yet to be properly pursued and resolved. “One was the classified information mishandling issue, that has been ended as best I can tell. What has happened with the perjury investigation that was referred to the Justice Department by Congress? What has happened to the numerous investigations reported on by FBI and US Attorneys into the Foundation and pay to play aspects? What’s happening there, I think we deserve to know if it’s still going on. If they aren’t we want to know why they were all shut down and if the audit shows they were shut down for improper purposes then they should be reopened.”

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  1. Oh, IDK ….. but, remember Trump is NOT a politician … and has to rely on the political people he’s brought in to help (wouldn’t the former RNC chairman be one; with access to lots of Republican operatives?) …. So, if there are any hick-ups, it’s on them. What are their motives ? Now, that Trump has his personal attorney and Freedom Watch, maybe any problems will be solved?

  2. Doesn’t look like there is any will to drain the swamp, or prosecute the corrupticions.

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