Fitton – Release All Comey Memos, Doesn’t Trust FBI Leadership, Mueller Potential Disaster

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Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch joined Charles Payne for a discussion of the Comey memos which soon expanded into the issue of the Democrat’s Special Prosecutor being appointed. Fitton had made a recommendation that Mark Levin had also suggested, that all of the  supposed memos of James Comey be released. Why only release one that is favorable to him in his attacks on the President? Release the ones that he’s been keeping on everybody, if, he is as he proclaims to be, a prolific historian of the personal, “private” conversations.

Fitton says, “That would be the shocking thing to do here in Washington, which is just to release the information. You know these notes or memos or whatever the document is, presuming it exists, is being characterized by a third party. So let’s get the document out there, see what the context is, see what Comey actually said or wrote and then make some judgment calls based on that.”

“But we can’t just rely on anonymous sources,” says Fitton, “just reading a document to reporters, to make leaps of logic that there was obstruction of justice or there’s a necessity for impeachment. It’s just absurd. But Frankly here, this is just part of a pattern. You had illicit surveillance of the Trump team, you had unmasking that was probably illicit and illegal, you certainly had illegal leaks of classified material and now you have these secret memos that are being spoon-fed to antagonists of President Trump in the media in a way to make it seem like he did something wrong.”

“Let’s get all the information out,|” says Fitton, “and if I were advising President Trump I’d tell him, ‘Just release, not only this memo but all the other Comey memos. Heck, he was FBI Director for four years. Did he do memos about the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, other memos and details that we want information on? I think the context is important and getting all the information out as quickly as possible is the key step.”

Payne breaks in to make the announcement that the Democrats have just been gifted their Special Prosecutor by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He asks Fitton what his thoughts are on that breaking news, who replies, “Well, I just hope there’s an emphasis on the related matters because it seems to me there isn’t any collusion to be investigating. This is a political witch hunt that has the patina of an FBI investigation and a Justice Department Investigation begun under the prior administration, really giving it more legs than it actually has.”

Fitton says, “The crimes we’re aware of are illegal leaks of classified material, the unmaskings are the troubling aspect. We’ve had repeated confirmations through sworn testimony that there was no collusion between President Trump, his campaign and the Russians. What is it they’re investigating and if they’re investigating Russian connections between political operatives in Russia and business concerns or government concerns, why is it seemingly only focusing on people close to Trump and no one close to Clinton?”

If Mueller does the typical establishment approach, it will be a disaster. But if his purview is broad and he actually looks at what he needs to be looking at, which are the classified leaks and the unmasking and the surveillance, we may finally get some answers.”

Asked for his assessment of the current state of the FBI, Fitton says, “Look, I have confidence that there are a lot of agents who want to do the right thing, I don’t have confidence in the leadership of the FBI, Comey was just one leader in the FBI. I’m concerned about Comey holdovers there. After he was fired the Washington Post reported that there were FBI people telling the Post that ‘We are not going to forget this and we’re going to strike back.’ So you have implicit retaliation threatened against the President for firing Comey by FBI officials speaking anonymously to the Washington Post.”

Fitton notes, “And lo and behold, we have these records somehow spirited out of the FBI or read to reporters, obviously in a way to make Mr. Trump look bad.”

And much more to come, courtesy of the Democrats, establishment trash, cowardly Republicans and the deep state that controls them. Government by the people, in America – where?

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