Fitton – Judicial Watch Suing State Dept Over Manafort Podesta Double Standard

Fitton reveals Judicial Watch is suing the State Dept for documents that may explain why Mueller is treating similar “offenders” Manafort and Podesta very differently…

tom fitton

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton announced a new lawsuit on Monday against the State Department in their never-ending battle against corruption and the anti-American parasites attempting to destroy this nation.

Judicial Watch is seeking records about the Podesta group. He explains, “You may recall the Podesta Group has been tied to Paul Manafort, who was indicted by Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, yet Podesta’s been tied to the Clintons and of course Paul Manafort is tied to the Trump team.”

Fitton says, “We want to know if there was any disparate treatment of team Trump versus team Clinton by Robert Mueller, whose investigation is suspicious, given its partisan nature. Judicial Watch is suing the State Department to find out the truth about what the Podesta group was up to with the Obama State Department.”   [VIDEOS BELOW]

In an interview from a few days earlier, and prior to the filing of the lawsuit, Fitton offered some other insight into some of the shady deals that they’re aware of and what prompted them to suspect there’s more to be learned.

He begins by pointing out that Paul Manafort was in partnership with the Podesta Group and that both he and Tony Podesta say their innocent, that all of the forms were filed properly. The main different seems to be an affiliation with President Trump’s campaign versus the Clintons and her campaign.

Fitton notes the fact that Mueller was working with the Clinton campaign who were responsible for the very dossier that is part of the flimsy basis for his investigation of Trump. He says, “It just screams disparate impact or disparate treatment between Manafort and Podesta or basically between the Trump team and the Clinton team.

Judicial Watch is going to see what kind of documentation may be found to indicate criminal wrongdoing as a possible and probable reasons for the different handling of the similar cases.

Fitton gave an explanation of why they think there might be something up a few days earlier:


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3 Comments on Fitton – Judicial Watch Suing State Dept Over Manafort Podesta Double Standard

  1. Virginia Ruby // November 21, 2017 at 12:07 pm // Reply

    Just say when, James Higgenbothem.
    Patriots are waiting for the word.
    All Talk and No Action.
    JW is the only one I hear actually doing anything constructive.

  2. i have to say.
    that whole damn so called investigation into the President is TOTAL BS.
    the President has like three years left on his Presidency, but if he DOESN’T FIRE THIS WHOLE BUNCH OF CRIMINALS AND TRAITORS WERE HEADED FOR A DAMN CIVIL WAR OR REVOLUTION.

  3. Judicial Watch appears to be the only organization doing the work the Justice Department should be doing. It’s unfortunate that the DOJ is covering for the swamp.

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