Fitton of Judicial Watch said Monday that the “Spygate” scandal involving the FBI spying on the Trump campaign and the…

Tom Fitton

Bizpac Review: Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said Monday that the “Spygate” scandal involving the FBI spying on the Trump campaign and the president’s administration is “the worst corruption scandal in American history.”

“There’s simply no comparison in terms of government agencies colluding and conspiring to target a presidential candidate and then overthrow a president,” he said in an interview with the Epoch Times, a digital newspaper founded by Chinese dissidents.

Fitton said a “slow-motion coup” has been taking place since the early part of the Trump administration, and is to some extent continuing today.

“They want to overthrow the president,” he said. “They’re going to break any rule, it looks to me, in order to do it. And there’s really nothing to compare in prior history where that type of activity took place. So that needs to be exposed.”

Judicial Watch has aggressively pursued public information related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private server, and has also gone after all documents connected with the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation, which was headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and a team of investigators.

They want to overthrow the president. They’re going to break any rule, it looks to me, in order to do it. The top investigator under Mueller was attorney Andrew Weissman.

In its pursuit of public documents, Judicial Watch came across an email Weissmann wrote to to Sally Yates, the Obama administration holdover who served as acting attorney general under President Donald Trump until he fired her for refusing to enforce the travel ban.

In the email, Weissman wrote: “I’m in awe of you. You’re my hero.”This is the guy who’s now investigating President Trump, and it turns out later, there’s a report that he had attended Mrs. Clinton’s election-night party,” says Fitton. But the bigger picture, he said, is the abuse of office for political purposes.

“That’s a violation of the law if you’re doing it in a law enforcement capacity,” he told Jan Jekielek of the Epoch Times. “You’ve got this power that is granted to you by the American people to spy on people, to try to get subpoenas to conduct criminal investigations. And if you’re just doing it because you don’t like someone personally or politically, you’re breaking a law.”

He said a criminal investigation should be opened to investigate Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and maybe others.

Judicial Watch, he said, has submitted public records requests for Andrew Weissmann’s text messages , and is also asking for all leaks to CNN and the Associated Press targeting President Trump.

“The media is part of this conspiracy, it’s pretty clear, against President Trump,” he said. “And we are using the Freedom of Information Act, a tool available to us, to figure out who is behind these leaks and whether the media was either knowingly or otherwise misused to target a sitting president with overthrow.”

Four FISA warrants were issued by four different judges to spy on Carter Page and others, but Fitton says it’s clear that the Trump campaign, and then the Trump administration, were the real targets.

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