First Time Gohmert Grilled Mueller On FBI Terrorist Partnership, Infiltration, Training Purge

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Rep Gohmert delivers a couple of jabs in sizing up his opponent, FBI Director Robert Mueller, criticizing both the secretive method by which his extension of two years as Director was brought up for approval and the “Five and Out” transfer policy which requires supervisors to relocate to DC or step down from their position.

There are more pressing matters that Gohmert wanted to expose and discuss in this May, 2012 hearing. He says, “I want to get to the concerns about the purging of material, of training material. You know, we have a document here that points out in the 9/11 Commission Report there were 322 references to Islam. In the current FBI counter-terrorism lexicon there are zero references to Islam, zero references to jihad.”  [[WATCH VIDEO BELOW]]

Gohmert did a little checking on the Jihad-friendly FBI Director, and asks Mueller about it. He said, “In June of 2002, you had given a speech to the American Muslim Council that your spokesman said was ‘the most mainstream Muslim group in the United States,’ that’s the American Muslim Council. And the head of the AMC was a guy named Alamoudi. That same year the AMC board advisor, former acting president, Jamil Al-Amin, was arrested for murdering a Georgia police officer. Alamoudi was arrested himself in 2003, in a Libyan assassination plot targeting the Saudi Crown Prince, later identified by the US Treasury as one of al-Qaeda’s top fundraisers in the US.” The shady Islamic characters associated with Mueller’s neutering of the FBI continue on, with Gohmert cutting it off in the interest of time for his question.

He said, “The reason I’m bringing these things up is because we’ve got people, we know there are three subject matter experts that your office has refused to identify, who have gone through and purged these materials. We were not even told whether they were US citizens.” Gohmert indicates they could be similar to those under terrorist investigation or arrest that Mueller has displayed such horrendous judgment in associating the bureau with, as well as leaders at DOJ and DHS. Under the criminal Obama regime terrorists sympathizers and enablers occupied high positions within our government, including at  the time, Mueller, Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano.

Clearly believing there is a strong possibility that terrorists are cleaning house at the FBI and calling Mueller on his failures to segregate them and their supporters before, Gohmert said, “We would like to know who these subject matter experts are that are going through the FBI material and purging that of reference to jihad and Islam and these type of things.” He asks, “Would you identify those people for us?”

Mueller starts the tap dance around, repeating the same “vast majority of the Muslim community is blah, blah, blah” scripted comment. Gohmert interrupts, “You know you’re not answering the question, Director. It’s very pointed. Are you going to identify the subject matter experts? That’s the question.”

Mueller replies that he’d be happy to give Congressman Gohmert their backgrounds and would “consider giving the names if you find it important,” ultimately giving some ground but doing so under a classified setting in which Gohmert is not allowed to sound the alarm bells about their identity, warn the American people about who is stripping out the references. It is a situation he would again express his concerns over in subsequent Mueller testimony after the FBI failures with the Boston Bombing the following year.

Two truths are blatantly obvious – Mueller should never have been FBI Director, he’s not pro-American and secondly, he needs to be dropped from this farcical witch hunt of the President immediately.

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  1. Deplorable Doctor // June 14, 2017 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    Robert Mueller should be tried for Treason!

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