First Generation American Wants Discrimination Reparations Because She Looks The Part

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As Tucker Carlson’s guest attempts to explain her race-based positions which mandate benefits for people who look like her and discriminate against those who don’t in the areas of education, she divulges the “unique” reason she’s introduced this wealth redistribution and anti-white discrimination package at Western Kentucky University. She’s a daughter of immigrants who feels like she was mistreated at the time the United States made the mistake of allowing her ungrateful butt into our nation. Now she’s attempting to get slavery reparations as a non-descendant of slavery, but tweaking them to where they can be applied to her as well.

She says, “When we talk about African immigrants who come here and face racial discrimination, I can actually speak on this very uniquely, because I am the daughter of immigrants who came here. There is unique discrimination that faces African immigrants that many people don’t talk about. While I feel as this proposal specifically focuses on black Americans who have dealt with the effects of slavery and the inability to pass on wealth, which is really the big point that makes these groups disenfranchised and unable to get to college as readily as some groups are.” So she’s due reparations because her family doesn’t have wealth to pass on to her?

He asks, “How could you prove that your family was affected by Jim Crow or slavery?” She says she’s glad he’s asking these questions that she can’t answer, because the whole purpose of the exercise was to get a conversation started about reparations to black Americans, specifically in the form of education.”

As a cover for not having thought this thing through, she admits there are “small, details such as the ones that you’re pointing out that would need to be more nuanced and more focused on, but I don’t think it’s very difficult to prove that someone who hasn’t emigrated here has suffered from the effects of slavery, Jim Crow and segregation.” What?

She notes that right now there are “historical opsicles [sic] in place that uniquely affect black Americans that make college so that it’s not accessible.” Tucker hasn’t asked her where the restrictions are against black people receiving student loans and grants or the benefits of preferential organizations like the United Negro College Fund, but it needs to be addressed because she’s busted. The greedy racist wants other people’s money and stuff, calling it education is merely applying a family friendly wrapper to the communist hammer.

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4 Comments on First Generation American Wants Discrimination Reparations Because She Looks The Part

  1. This “jonny come lately” who does NOT have a dog in the hunt wants freebees for coming to America. Please go back to where you came from, and make those same demands there.

  2. Dumb and stupid people like her have no business getting an education higher than high school; is and would be a waste of money and resources. McDonalds frying hamburgers is where she should focus her talents on.
    If she wants reparations, I will buy her a shovel; she can dig up the graves of those who had slaves and implore them for her ‘gimme dat’ mentality.

  3. Hadenoughalready // April 21, 2017 at 6:08 pm // Reply

    Sorry, little girl. You’ll just have to resort to working for your income. Any street corner is fine…

  4. Freddie Arthur Hisle // April 21, 2017 at 6:08 pm // Reply

    Ignorant POS, go back to your parents dirt hole.

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