First Casualty In Slow Motion Leftist Coup – Spicer Admits Flynn Reached Critical Mass

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There probably was, to a limited degree, legitimately a slight degradation of trust between General Flynn and President Trump, the kind of thing that would normally get a “you’d better take notes or something” kick in the pants non-reprimand and then they would continue with the people’s business.

That’s not what happened and it appears to a non-insider that the reason was political, that the Democrats are in the process of successfully creating a situation where the President is under siege. Their moles are everywhere inside the administration, working against the President and providing them with ammunition. His insulation and managers, the cabinet secretaries who would be in position to, at a minimum, be aware of what is going on and otherwise be able to prevent it or eliminate the perpetrators, are sitting at home. They’re still waiting for a phone call that never comes, to come in for the swearing in at the White House.

The establishment GOP and the Organized Leftist Opposition, with the despicable Senator Schumer and Rep Nancy Pelosi at the helm in Congress and Hussein Obama and George Soros working through front organizations from behind the scenes, wants scalps. They won’t be satisfied with one from General Flynn, or perhaps Kellyanne Conway. Eventually they want the blonde scalp of President Trump. They’re picking apart his team on their way to that objective, in classic divide and conquer fashion.

Spicer says in this clip that it was nothing illegal that General Flynn did that cost him his job, it was what they chose to describe as trust. Perhaps what the shadow opposition recognized was that Flynn was beyond compromise, that he had to be eliminated at some point along the way through other means. The Russian thing was crafted, with the help of Sally Yates and other Obama globalist cabal operatives, including within the intelligence agencies, government and the media, as a method of eliminating the obstacle.

It is, in essence, the first steps of a slow speed coup by the globalists in reaction to the threat posed by this American President who is intent on returning the United States to its people.

Spicer states, in his typical jerky, hard to follow manner that makes his scalp one of the next that will likely be positioned on the wall over the fireplace at DNC headquarters, “The the President got to the point where General Flynn’s relationship [sic] misleading the Vice President and others or the possibility that he had forgotten critical details of this important conversation had created a critical mass and an unsustainable situation. That’s why the President decided to ask for his resignation and he got it.”

Spicer calls it “an important conversation,” maybe it was, but it wasn’t something that was out of the ordinary for General Flynn. A regular citizen might remember every word with a Russian Ambassador. A General who has dined with President Putin would likely not be so enthralled.

Spicer admits the reason for the dismissal of General Flynn was “critical mass,” and that was created by the Democrats, globalists, media and others, some of them President Trump probably still trusts. It’s time for the President to circle the wagons and focus on what he’s got to do to push his agenda through. The distractions are deliberate and there will be more. He’s got one war on his hands against ISIS and we all are also engaged, whether we yet realize it or not, in a civil war against the establishment oligarchs.

ISIS will be the easy part.


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