First Amendment Censorship – Soros Says What Speech Is Acceptable Now

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It’s not fake news that we have to be concerned with, it’s fake premises upon which censorship is being imposed upon us by the very people who already control the mainstream media and who share their liberal aversion to press freedom.

As is explained here, Facebook and George Soros, the new chief protagonists engaged in the assault against the First Amendment, are teaming up with others who share a similar disdain for freedom and self-government by the people in accordance with the United States Constitution. Censorship is the new reality that they are imposing on us through Social Media.

As is substantiated in this report, Facebook, Democrats, Hillary Clinton supporters and the globalist left is “fighting back” against the monster that only they seem to have a problem with and only because it is anything but fake. It is real, it is uncomplimentary and it reveals what they’re up to. It is that reality that cost Hillary Clinton and the left their control of power and it is that reality that has gotten it dismissed as fake, as the only mechanism the left can seize to justify its removal.

The third party supposed fact checkers include some rather jaded and obvious leftists. The libs at aren’t mentioned in this report but they can be explored separately here, ABC is another of the leftist organizations recruited as being “objective” for no conceivable reason. “They reside under the International Fact Checking Network, IFCN, which operates under an organization called Poynter, which is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the leftist Planned Parenthood, UN and eugenicists supporting globalist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, State Department linked NED, EBay’s leftist founder Omidyar Network and Craigslist’s mega leftie owner, Craig Newmark, also a heavy donor to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Slush Fund Foundation.

Of course these people are anxious to label reports such as this as fake and have them censored from Facebook newsfeeds. We’re responsible for people finding out the truth about them and those who carry their political water and ideologies.

Danish Journalist Iban Thranholm said the list of names of the fact checker financial overlords gave her the goose bumps when she heard them, saying, “They have actually a very strong political agenda. It seems like there are a lot of people who think that it’s dangerous not to be able to control the media. So it means that to sort out what is fake news and what is the true news is a sort of way to control the narrative.”

She continues, “So let’s say that you want to be in a kind of political opposition to these powers, of course, you’re going to be censored. This is a kind of censorship.” That’s exactly what it is, censorship and control and elimination of opposing ideas in order to control the populations and maintain political power. The globalists don’t want another election of 2016 to ruin all their hard efforts again. If we don’t all stand against this, we’ll lose our voices forever.

The first course of action, is to break up the Facebook monopoly. We’d better get that done while Mr. Trump is in office or there will not be another opportunity. We’re already at war, our communications are being intercepted. Censorship is an ugly and illegal reality.

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