Finger Gun Threat For President Trump By Mobster Ex-President Of Mexico

vicente fox finger gun trump


Should the US Secret Service be concerned when a hothead former president of Mexico that conducts himself more in the manner of a cartel boss than a legitimate national leader shapes his hand into a finger gun and pretends to fire it at our President? Should his words during the act, dependent upon the translation, along the lines of “look here Trump,” or “Trump here you go,” a clear indication that the gun is being pointed at our President be the sort of thing they want to investigate? It absolutely should be.

The entire minute and four seconds of the video, Former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who has previously used the “F” word on live air when being interviewed on television about the border wall, is attacking our President. There is but one message, one of anger, disdain and hatred for President Trump and his actions to protect Mexico’s favorite patsy, the United States.

The translated words in the video start out with Fox saying, “It is stupid, it is crazy.” We can safely assume he’s not talking about a network once again putting him on television, he’s probably talking about America building a wall to keep the people fleeing his “great, noble and honest country deserving of respect” from escaping into ours.

It becomes obvious he’s ranting about President Trump in the next sentences, saying, “Imagine him going to Congress and saying to the American Congress to authorize a budget to lend money to build a useless wall, a wall that is a complete waste of money.” Fox is right, that would be pointless. Fortunately for Mr. Trump this isn’t a useless wall nor is it money wasted. And if it’s such a useless wall, then what is his concern? His citizens can still escape their country. If the wall were effective or “useful,” then he’d have a reason for concern.

Fox continues to describe his fantasy, saying, “And Trump tells Congress not to worry, ‘I will get Mexico to replace the money. Mexico will pay for it.'” He’s apparently so worried about Trump wasting US taxpayer money on that “useless” wall that he feels compelled to mimic an assassination of our President at that time, making his “Look at this, Trump” or “Well, Trump, here you go” comment, slamming a finger gun against his other hand in a display of rage.

The rant continues, “With what Trump is promoting, we all lose. Mexico loses, the United States loses, investors in corporate America and the whole world loses. This is not what we want, nobody wants this.” If this isn’t what you want, Vicente, you should have kept your citizens in your own country, along with your drug dealing cartels and your terrorist traffickers. Your reckless endangerment of our nation and its citizens as well as your economic destruction have left Mr. Trump and the American people with no choice.

He continues to spew his hateful rhetoric, saying, “That is why there is only one objective and that is to stop Trump, domesticate him, to calm him down, get him to stay quiet, get him to work and stop  selling populist miracles to the world.”

Are those code words for what Fox really wants to do? The Secret Service probably has a fairly good idea of what’s going on. Hopefully they’re already en route to his location to have a little chat with the angry exploiter of our nation. You’d think a former president would understand the serious nature of that kind of gesture. Therefore we can only assume that it was deliberate and that he intended his gun-shaped finger as a warning. His cartel buddies are even more upset than Fox.

There’s always the other aspect to his threat, possibly even more dangerous – we don’t know where that finger’s been.

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