Feminist Man-Hating Agitators Demand Father’s Day Change To “Special Person’s Day”

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Political correctness thrives on shaming the majority into compliance with the often bizarre, unnecessary and unjust accommodation of and submission to the minority. It is frequently found to target straight white males.

After all, their straight whiteness has already conveyed so much “privilege,” through their very existence, a “fact” liberals have documented through their totally subjective and abstract determinations. Tilting the playing field to disadvantage the normal white folks despite their qualifications and hard work to the benefit of less deserving, less qualified applicants is the only fair thing to do.

This latest exercise in the aggressive anti-male joint campaign between the barely female bulldogs and the barely male poodles is an effort, predictably, by a feminist academic. It’s an attack on Father’s Day, to equate fathers with lesbians, homosexual males and those who have no clue what the hell they are and are still freelancing.

The woman bulldog attacking the fathers of Australia and eventually the world, calls herself Red Ruby Scarlet, the convener of the Social Justice in Early Childhood Activist Group. She’s (shouldn’t she be demanding to be referred to as ‘it?’) pressing to have Father’s Day renamed ‘Special Person’s Day’ in order to be more “inclusive” to children in “special communities” who do not have fathers.

But doesn’t that discriminate against those in the same “special communities” who don’t have mothers? Doesn’t fairness demand that Mother’s Day be bastardized as well? Don’t we then end up with what the liberals are ultimately seeking, a denial of who we are and an acceptance of their definitions of “normal sexuality” and the global citizen communist “new family unit?”

The Australian libtards in academia are, predictably, jumping on board, incorporating the perversion and anti-hetero male discrimination voluntarily into their schools and institutions. They don’t much like straight white boys anyway.

The freak with an obsession for red, Dr. Scarlet asked, “Why are they calling this political correctness when it’s in fact about our rights?” Really, she’s a doctor and is that stupid, that unable to process the most obvious and basic situations? Could she just be playing dumb to get her way?

She contorted the dialogue, saying, “shifting the language around emotive days” makes school more “inclusive” to children from “special communities,” including single parent families and same-sex parent families.

Baloney. Children from single parent families know that that’s mom or dad; it’s not a problem for them and never has been. It’s the butt-hurt homosexual and perversion lobbyist that are once again demanding that we all cater and submit to their views of how things out to be and how our morals and values no longer deserve any respect. We have to change to accommodate them.

Red Scarlet dismissed the backlash from the parents she’s attacking, the majority normies, who support traditional days honoring mothers and fathers. She said, cryptically, “[There has] not [been] a backlash from people in those [special] communities. It’s people outside of those particular contexts [who object the Special Persons Day].” Right, the folks this selfish stupidity is targeting. The innocent victims are the ones you might logically expect to be expressing their opposition.

Once you give these whiny demanding malcontents an inch, just like every other progressive leftist, they don’t stop taking, nothing is ever enough.

It’s an insult to normal fathers and men everywhere, but also towards mothers and normal women, as they’ll be next and their husbands, fathers and sons are being diminished. Normalcy is under attack by the weird and deviant, everything we hold sacred is on their hit list.

One of the most precious things a father has is his relationship with his children, the same goes for mothers. To diminish Father’s Day or Mother’s Day is simply not acceptable. If the freaks want their own holiday why don’t they press that issue, come up with a “Gender Confused Grown Up Day” or something. They’re not the equal of us, we’re fathers and mothers. The fact that there isn’t an adequate definition for what they are is their problem. Leave us out of your struggles with what’s happening between your ears.


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