Felonious Political Fishing Trip – Herridge Says Rice Documents Personal, Not Nat’l Security

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Things aren’t looking good for Hussein Obama’s former National Security Adviser and Benghazi liar, Susan Rice. On Lou Dobbs’  program, Judge Andrew Napolitano stated that if the content of the unmasked intelligence was not relevant to national security or could  not have been believed to have been enhanced by the unmasking, the unmasking was a felony.

He also stated that even if it was arguably relevant, if she shared it with someone other than the pretend ‘president,’ she committed felonies as well.  From the content of Catherine Herridge’s report, it appears she probably done exactly that and more and is likely in some very serious legal jeopardy. Somewhere there’s an amature video producer who went to prison based upon her false claims who is very happy watching her sweat and relishing every moment of her slow journey down. Patricia Smith and the other Benghazi relatives are probably feeling that their long-denied justice is, in an indirect manner, finally beginning to find it’s way to them.

Catherine Herridge is asked whether Rice will be called as a witness, an exercise which could lead to a series of assertions of her Fifth Amendment protections. Unlike with Hillary Clinton, we’ve got a real Attorney General in Jeff Sessions and this has nothing to do with the Russia hoax.

Herridge asked House Intelligence Committee ranking member, Shifty Adam Schiff, who said he was open to hearing from her. That’s even more of an indication she’s going to plead the fifth, either that or she’s a lost cause taking one for team commie USA. Shifty’s job is to protect Democrats, with Clinton and Obama above all others. Since her testimony will surely point back to both Obama and Clinton, it’s not likely he’s as open as he indicated he is to Herridge.

She notes that in Rice’s MSBNC interview, she offered no national security explanation for identifying at least one member of the Trump team. She plays a clip of Senator Richard Burr, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, who confirms, if there is a reason to look at her they will look.

Herridge says that a government source tells her “that the unmasked intelligence was shared beyond Rice and Congressional investigators are focused on whether other administration officials under ‘president’ Obama made similar requests. As for the content of the reports, Herridge references a statement made by Rice in her interview of the previous day, that the unmasking was about security and not politics.

She notes that the comments of Rep Peter King (R-NY) indicate that she’s probably being less than honest there as well, with the briefing he received not only stating they do not pertain to Russia, but that they seemed highly personal in nature.

King described them as being the type of all-encompassing daily life stuff that might be compiled while constructing the basis for a dossier to be put together in its finished form at a later date. That is not national security by any stretch of the definition or imagination”

And best of all, there’s no concerns over a pardon to be doled out in the cover up.


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