Feinstein – Threatens Trump With “The End” If He Fires Their Hit Man Mueller

dianne feinstein

There may be no nice way to say it. While many people just tune out Feinstein when she starts running her mouth, if you are among those that pay attention to the words, it impossible to keep a puzzled expression from coming over your face and the a grunted “huh?” from passing your lips. This woman is a moron.

She begins by informing us that North Korea is a “clear and present danger to the United States” and she’s convinced that North Korea has never moved at the speed that this leader has to develop an ICBM.

Her reading left her without the expertise to finish her thoughts, describing how the North Koreans can now “put” solid fuel, “have an interesting” launch device and are able “to have” a trajectory, to hit Chicago.” The Obama – Alinsky Museum is still under construction. Can’t they wait?

She says “It points out the danger in isolating a country, that they go to the science and the technical knowhow to show their brute force not to handle the isolation.” What? Is there a coherent thought bouncing around inside that skull of hers anywhere? The blame America first Democrat is pinning the North Korean aggression on us and our policy that started under Bill Clinton.

She’s “very disappointed in China’s response in that it has not been firmer or more helpful. She hopes General Kelly will usurp Rex Tillerson’s position, “beyond the Chief of Staff,” effectively assume the role of Secretary of State as well and “begin some very serious negotiation with ‘the North.'”

On Obamacare repeal efforts in the Senate, the glass house resident picks up a big handful of health care rocks, saying, “You can’t take a bill as big as this one, write it with a select group of people in a back room, not let one of the political parties even see it until the Friday before a vote comes up and think that this bill is going to pass.”

Of course that’s exactly what the Democrats did to shove Obamacare through, the pass it to find out what’s in it logic. Maybe her memory is starting to fail her, including the part where we had a perfectly good, functioning and less expensive healthcare system in place before these big government Democrats started trying to “fix” things in 2009.

Dickerson challenges her on the Democrat demands for an individual mandate as a pretext for negotiations which forces her to immediately change the subject to the insurance companies, and people who “want to participate in the exchanges who are without carriers. And you’ve got several million who don’t have a choice of insurance carriers.”

Gee Feinstein, how did that happen? What destroyed the best healthcare system on the planet? The answer is “Democrats and Obamacare,” in case you felt the urge to change the subject again, that’s what happened. She calls for a new approach that no Republican has every thought of trying, saying, “I think we need to take a look at this, what is wrong?” Proactive geniuses like her don’t come along every day.

Feinstein says maybe it’s the states that are to blame, just too damn many of them – one federal system sounds good to her. She also says you’ve got real problems with the subsidies [wealth redistribution to prop up a doomed system] losing Dickerson on her excursion into the weeds of the mess Democrats created all by themselves. He changes the topic, time is running short and she needs to get another shot in at President Trump.

He asks her about AG Sessions, with Feinstein defending him, saying enough pressure has been put on President Trump to force him not to fire him, “unless of course, what he really intends is to end up firing [Democrat dirty cop hit man] Mueller, which could well be the beginning of the end of his Presidency.”

Nice threat, Feinstein. If he fires the guy that you scumbags have manipulated into place to take him down it’s the end of him. Kind of a no win situation, wouldn’t you say? Why not fire the crooked Soros henchman of yours now and at least give himself a chance to come out a winner? He could investigate all of you crooked Democrats to boot.

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