Feinstein Painting Trump With Propaganda, Defends Dem Smears And Clinton

dianne feinstein


The Wicked Witch of the West (D-CA), took time on Sunday to stir the pot on behalf of her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East, who was crushed in November beneath Trump Tower. Feinstein’s on a mission, the same as that of the rest of the corrupt, anti-American Democrats, repeat the mantra that the Russians stole the election on behalf of Mr. Trump. It’s a coordinated attack using their typical inflammatory rhetoric with some new twists added.

The host of what is an obvious propaganda, anti-Trump hit segment is Chuck Todd. He starts off by asking Feinstein for her thoughts on the back and forth between the President-elect and Rep John Lewis (D-GA). Of course the Democrats take the position that Lewis is a holy man whose words cannot be questioned because he participated in the 60s civil rights movement. Baloney, he’s a corrupt racist politician who has parlayed his pedigree as an agitator into a career. He’s far from the saint his fellow Democrats make him out to be.

The propaganda spewing and bleeding-heart crybaby liberalism starts spewing immediately, with Feinstein saying she understands why the fragile butterfly Lewis feels the way he does. In the wake of Hussein Obama’s own racist agitation, “This is a very fearful and divided nation right now and the Trumps have not done anything to bring it together.” She plays the poor little Johnnie card, saying the Trump comments were “without understanding of his history, of what he when through, the fact that this is Martin Luther King weekend,” it disrespectful of his lifetime racist Teflon bubble wrapping.

She then blames Trump and the GOP for the race relations that Obama, Holder and Lynch destroyed, saying, “There is so much fear in this country.” Feinstein pretends Alaska and Texas fell into various oceans as she informs Todd, unchallenged as always, “I come from the biggest state, I get tens of thousands of phone calls, of emails, of people that are fearful.”

She doesn’t state if those communications are in English or if she’s citing a daily number or covering the period of time since she helped Alexander Graham Bell with his talking machine, but she says they’re communications with fearful people. Much of California is populated by hand-wringing snowflakes who cry at the sight of their own shadows. Trump’s not responsible for their lack of a spine. As for the illegal aliens, many with criminal records, should be afraid; they’re breaking the law, they all need to go.

Knowing the response he’s sure to get from this partisan old nag, Todd asks, “Do you have any doubt in your mind that Russia tried to interfere in the election and second, do you believe it altered the outcome?” She answers yes to both, which is fine, nobody expects anything more than propaganda from her and she’s entitled to claim to believe the distorted crap that she’s asking others to accept.

This woman who was introduced by Todd as a fixture in the American intelligence oversight community claims to have “been astonished at what has been a two year effort at Russia to spearfish, to hack, to provide disinformation, propaganda, wherever it really could.” Aside from the spear fishing and hacking, it sounds like Feinstein is calling herself a Russian. If she’s astonished by that, she out to look into what her beloved Hussein Obama did in Israel, trying to get Netanyahu overthrown, or her sister in the East, Hillary Clinton, having Gaddafi killed in one of her many foreign policy debacles. She claims to have read the declassified report and come away with the opinion that the “hackings” were undertaken against both political parties and with “the aim of hurting Hillary Clinton and then if Hillary Clinton were to win, the aim clearly was to weaken her.” That report didn’t state that so that’s clearly the opinion she had going in as well. It describes a situation not unlike what the Democrats are engaged in right now. Doing whatever they can to weaken our President-elect.

Feinstein goes into a typical California Democrat alarmist spell, pledging, “I’m certainly not going to leave this in limbo, because this is the future of America, it’s the future of democracy. And if we can’t carry out an election, without disinformation being pumped into it by another country, we’ve got a huge destruction of our system going on.” Of course ours is a Republic, not a democracy, but that’s a concept neither Fascists or Marxists readily admit. She also doesn’t want to admit that the supposed disinformation was nothing of the kind. It was the truth that hurt Hillary Clinton, not disinformation, the truths about her corruption and criminality as well as her and her staff’s disdain for the American public. It was also the perception that she, like her sister Dianne, couldn’t be trusted.

Feinstein also faults James Comey and the “October surprise” that referenced the criminal activities of their candidate as responsible for her loss, choosing to ignore the crimes themselves. That’s the real disinformation and misinformation, Senator, and you Democrats and fake news media accomplices like Todd are its purveyors.

Julian Assange deserves a pardon and a medal, but not the Russians. They had nothing to do with this.

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