Feinstein Fears Justice Department Might Become Political Now That Lynch Is Gone

dianne feinstein


As painful as it is to have the camera zoomed in on Senator Dianne Feinstein as she’s speaking, they are left with little choice. A wide shot would likely have revealed the rest of the Senate, Republicans anyway, rolling on the floor laughing at her idiotic comments. In the interest of preserving what remains of the dignity of the Senate, close ups were what we got.

As was expected, Feinstein and her fellow anti-America Democrats themselves diminished the legislative body in their antics, continuing their grandstanding and stall tactics with the President’s nominees. For the two they are considering on this day, Rod Rosenstein and Rachel Brand, for the number two and three positions at the Justice Department, the pretext of any actual confirmation hearing activity has been completely abandoned.

Feinstein and her comrades want a special prosecutor to pursue their non-existent Russia hoax and they are doing their best to elicit some type of commitment to do so. Rosenstein and Brand would act in Sessions’ place in matters related to the Russia hoax following his allowing himself to be bullied by Democrats and the mob media into recusal.

Feinstein, Hillary Clinton’s BFF, was almost a parody of herself, as she claims that a special prosecutor should lead “this investigation.” That’s her opinion, but it is not her decision. She repeats herself in her remarks, stating in two consecutive paragraphs that the prosecutor needs to be independent and not appointed by the Attorney General.

Maybe she is so used to people tuning out her boring, sleep inducing diatribes that she repeats herself as a matter of increasing her audience’s retention, but it’s more likely she’s just being a little sloppy and didn’t proofread her speech. It’s okay, nobody noticed, we were right, they’re not listening.

She’s concerned about the DOJ dismantling the oversteps and liberal waste of the Obama regime, what she refers to incorrectly as important “rules and regulations.” That’s what happens when you run a criminal for president to continue the destruction of our nation and she’s rejected by the people. Even importing an army of illegal alien voters and thug tactics weren’t enough to steal the election. You lost, Dianne.

The lying hag says that President Trump is taking unprecedented steps to help big business and harm average Americans. Of course she doesn’t cite specifics because she can’t. The ones who were helping themselves to big money were Obama, Clinton and the other Democrats, probably Feinstein as well. Obama’s cronies got rich off Solyndra and all of the other phony energy scams while Clinton sold our Uranium to the Russians in exchange for money to her slush fund. She’s representing the party of corruption. If she’s got facts to the contrary, let’s hear ’em.

Feinstein stumbles briefly as she reads whatever someone wrote for her, likely for the first time or she might have noticed the earlier repetition. She says that the nominees need to be “independent, fair-minded public servants.” Like Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder, we can assume, so fair minded that they allowed the IRS to target their political opposition and destroy evidence while they let her friend Hillary off on multiple counts of treason, espionage, every felony in the book. Sure, that’s fair.

You can almost hear the shoulders and hips hitting the floor as she continues, “who will adhere to the rule of law and look out for everyone in this country (every non-white special interest), not just the powerful, or well connected. We need steel spines, not weak knees when it comes to political independence in the Department of Justice.

She finishes her comedy skit, saying, “And there is a real danger, I believe, that the Justice Department could become politicized.”

That’s great stuff, Dianne. You really missed your calling. Stop, we need to catch our breath. That’s hilarious. Anyone ever told you you look like Charles Krauthammer? Sorry, Charlie.

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