Feinstein Fails To Trap Gorsuch Into Activist Attack On Gun Rights – “I Follow The Law”

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Senator Dianne Feinstein once again exposed herself as the liberal bench-legislation advocate that she is in hearings into the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the United States Supreme Court. She would like nothing better than to put a gun-grabbing outlaw such as herself on the court and eliminate or nullify the Second Amendment through judicial malpractice. As she suspected and as we hope, it appears she’s not going to find that individual in Judge Gorsuch.

Feinstein attempted to paint the much smarter and honest Gorsuch into a corner by posing a gotcha question during his confirmation hearings. She asked, “Do you agree with that statement, that under the Second Amendment, weapons that are most useful in military service, M-16 rifles and the like may be banned?”

Gorsuch replies, “Senator, Heller makes clear the standard that we judges are supposed to apply. The question is whether it’s a gun in common use for self-defense, and that may be subject to reasonable regulation. That’s the test as I understand it. There’s lots of ongoing litigation about which weapons qualify under those standards. And I can’t prejudge that litigation sitting here.”

Feinstein interrupted to reset her trap, saying, “No, I’m just asking do you agree with his statement, yes or no would be fine.” Gorsuch notes, “The statement’s out of the Heller decision from the United States…” Feinstein admits, “From Justice Scalia’s statement.”

Gorsuch responds, “Well, whatever’s in Heller is the law and I follow the law.” The liberal gun confiscation advocate inserts “and you agree?”

Gorsuch explains to her how judges are supposed to conduct themselves, a foreign concept to the Senator, saying, “Well, it’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing, Senator, respectfully. It’s a matter of it being the law and my job is to apply and enforce the law. “

With a hand gesture of surrender, Feinstein says, “Alright, fair enough.”

He seems  to be one of those law-abiding types her momma warned her about back in the day. This could be serious. This one guy could blow out their whole judicial activism agenda. All of their hard work, all of Obama’s conniving, down the tubes.

Yes, it is fair enough Feinstein, it’s more than fair, it’s constitutional.

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