Feinstein – Don’t Blame CIA Deep State For Disaster, It Was Disposable Contractors

dianne feinstein


Andrea Mitchell invited Dianne Feinstein for an interview to do a little damage control to their campaign against the President and their Russia did everything story, protect the CIA that made it all possible and throw a few barbs at President Trump because he hasn’t yet produced the evidence that Obama was spying on him. The evidence is coming fast and furious (sorry Barry and Eric) from other sources, including the FISA court and from within the experts associated with the intelligence community, but that isn’t enough for Feinstein and Mitchell.

They start off their little get together with a clip of Julian Assange in an audio presentation of some of the same information that was contained in the press release for his Vault7 CIA document dump. He describes how the CIA had accumulated what was probably the largest cyber warfare arsenal in the world and then allowed it, through lax and sloppy security measures, to be compromised. He notes how, having lost control of their cyber weapons, the CIA then engaged in a cover up. Once again it’s proven that Democrats and their agencies do have a real problem with both security and honesty and seem incapable of development in either area.

In a vague and non-committal response reminiscent of the Hussein Obama spying denial, the CIA issued a statement on the matter. Naturally, they first attacked the messenger in an effort to discredit him. They said, “Julian Assange is not exactly a bastion of truth and integrity. Despite the efforts of Assange and his ilk, the CIA continues to aggressively collect foreign intelligence overseas to protect America from terrorists, hostile nation states and other adversaries.”

First of all Julian Assange is not the issue, although he actually does happen to be a bastion of truth and integrity who has never been proven to be wrong on any document release, ever. For the CIA to make such a claim when they just issued an assessment on the “Russian spy” hoax that was a completely untrue fabrication is quite rich.

It’s important to note that the CIA made no denial of the claims of WikiLeaks, only an assertion that they will continue to collect data and protect America. That was not an oversight. Are we then to take their statement as an admission that the supposed unreliable Mr. Assange was 100 percent correct?

In another act of political irony, Senator Dianne Feinstein, the person least equipped to do so, is brought in to make sense of it all. Feinstein, who is closely allied with Hillary Clinton, gets in a few empty cheap shots at Assange herself, stating that he’s one of her “most ‘unfavorite’ [sic] people in the world.” She goes on, without bothering with any specifics, to say he’s done great discredit to this nation. What she probably should have said is that he’s exposed acts of the government cabal that she is entrenched in that brought discredit to the nation. He’s just shining the light on what Feinstein and her cohorts are doing.

As her head shakes up and down throughout the interview in something that appears to be a physical malady progressing, she admits that if the claims are true they have a problem. But it’s not a problem with the agency employees, she blames the contractors, shifting the attention away from the deep state that is likely behind it. They’ll be the sacrificial lambs as needed to protect her and Mitchell’s entrenched shadow government allies. The CIA itself will be addressed to the extent that she is forced to after multiple efforts to obstruct, particularly in instances where a fellow globalist is responsible. She’ll also distract by vilifying any member of her political opposition to the fullest extent possible. Laughably, Mitchell even throws the Russians in as suspects before the interview is done. Maybe she’s become conditioned now to the concept that any hacking anywhere automatically involves Russia, starting to believe her own propaganda.

The entire Obama regime was clearly being run in the same reckless, careless and exploitative manner that they ran the Clinton State Department. Everything was viewed from a standpoint of it’s use as a tool for the fleecing of the American people, for the appropriation of power and the entrenching of their political machinery. National security, sensitive secrets, our military and our economic survival were not even considerations beyond the methods through which the Obama regime would be able to diminish them.

Cleaning up the mess left by the Democrats is going to involve a lot of this sort of thing. We’re just getting started. Criminal charges have to be forthcoming, with prison sentences for the perpetrators, regardless of party affiliation. There’s snakes on both sides; the nest is just much bigger and the vipers more loathsome on the Democrat side of the swamp.

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