Feinstein Admits Dems Have A Lot Of People Looking At How To Get Trump Out

feinstein get him out


Senator Dianne Feinstein admits the Democrats have teams of subversives looking at ways to force the President out of office.  In an outdoor meeting answering question with some delusional leftists, one of whom asks what happens when we have a liar as Attorney General, referring to AG Sessions, and the supposed loss in the faith of the office that results. This idiot had eight years to figure that question out and it was obviously beyond his ability.

He’ s not even able to discern truth from falsehood, that’s why he’s a Democrat to being with and that’s why he and his like-minded liberals in gaggle are asking such stupid questions. Maybe Feinstein will help you tie your shoes too, little boy.

After allowing another person to ask her about a conflict of interest regarding the Post Office, her husband, and lots of money and promising to get back to her but not asking for any contact information, Feinstein gets to the topic of Russia. She was even bailed out by the questioner who sensed that it might be an uncomfortable and perhaps incriminating topic for the extremely rich public servant.

They cheer as the topic moves to Russia, the lies the libtards are clamoring to be fed more of. The questioner says that Feinstein looked “white as a ghost” when she came out of the previous day’s meeting. That’s probably because she has on white makeup covering her red patches from drinking too heavily the night before but go ahead, pretend she was in shock from the horrible news she got, moron.

She says, “We don’t know what’s happening but we know he’s breaking laws every day, he’s making money at Mar-a-Lago, he [inaudible] copyrights in China, he has obvious dealings in Russia, the Dakota Pipeline, there’s just so many things that he is doing that are unconstitutional. Making money at Mar-a-Lago is not unconstitutional, and the rest of everything she spouted to one of the richest women in politics is untrue Democrat talking points. The crooked one was Hillary Clinton and this little snowflake was fine with her, Feinstein’s good friend.”

She asks, “How are we going to get him out, that’s what I want to know.” Feinstein replies, “Well, we have a lot of people looking at this, technical people. And, uh, I think he’s going to get himself out. I think sending sons to another country to make a financial deal for his company and then have that covered with government expenses should not be allowed.”

Did that happen Madam Feinstein, please provide specifics and explain how that differs from the question you were just asked about the Post Office, in which your husband and you profited from your connections to the government that the post office is run by. Is the only difference a matter of expenses or perhaps you inappropriately abused your influence for personal gain. You don’t get filthy rich off of a Senator’s pay. You do off of selling influence and favors.

And how do you expect to finagle the Speaker of the House into advancing articles of impeachment on a Republican President for partisan reasons? As bad as Ryan is, he’d be tossed out of the speakership in a heartbeat over a stunt like that. And who are those people that are looking into getting the President out? Most importantly, how is that not sedition?

Impeachment is intended as a last resort response to an offense. It is not to be manipulated as a means to a political end. That’s subversion, Madam.

In the second video she makes the comments at the 18:18 mark

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