Federal Grand Jury Indicts Steinle Murderer In Less Than A Week

The squatter trash that murdered Kate Steinle was indicted in less than a week by a federal grand jury of normal US citizens who understand the words illegal, border and justice.

steinle federal grand jury

The recent despicable decision by a San Francisco libtard jury in letting Jose Zarate off the hook for killing Kate Steinle was not only a shocking and outrageous slap in the face to the family of murdered American woman, but to all of those who have had family members killed by illegal aliens.

It was an affront to all Americans who want their border secured committed by the open border globalists who have seized power in the lawless, sanctuary state of California. But California, for the present time anyway, is not yet a part of Mexico and still remains under federal jurisdiction.

There are still options for the federal government to act in this case and get some semblance of justice for the Steinle family as well as putting the sanctuary cities of this nation on alert that they won’t get away with killing innocent Americans like they are shooting ducks sitting on a pond.

A federal grand jury, the kind that James Comey would have impaneled if the investigation into Hillary Clinton had been anything other than a sham, has already taken action. It took them less than a week. On Tuesday they indicted the 5-time deported, 7-time-convicted felon, murdering illegal alien on federal gun charges.

Felons are not allowed to possess firearms and Zarate has already admitted, as his concocted defense, that the gun went off accidentally while in his possession. He was convicted by the jury that let him off the hook on the murder of felony possession.

Now he’s going to face federal charges for the same offense as well as the ammunition. There is also a criminal charge of being an illegally present alien in possession of a firearm and ammunition. Additionally, he’s a multiple-times deported illegal alien in the US, which also carries penalties that we can hope will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law, with maximum sentences handed out on all counts.

President Trump Tweeted a demand for the border wall to be built as he expressed his own outrage over the despicable actions of the San Francisco judge and jury. Until that wall is built, the lowlife scum will continue to pour in and prey on the innocent American citizens.

Until sanctuary cities are eliminated and, if necessary, their enablers locked up in jail with their fellow criminal illegal alien offenders, offenses like this and perhaps the reprehensible decisions of anti-American juries will continue to plague good, honest, hard-working Americans, some of who are unjustly cut down by foreign predators without warning.


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