Did Fear Motivate John Podesta Op-Ed Warning Against “Fake News?”

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John Podesta is currently heading up the liberal agitation organization, The Center for American Progress. He previously served as Obama’s counselor at the White House, focusing on exploiting the green gravy train and killing the American economy. He was most recently Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman in her failed attempt to be the second consecutive person to steal the American presidency. Now that the Democrat criminals have been forced out of their seized positions of power, Podesta is having to work from the shadows to manipulate our world. He’s one of those creating the ripples seen emanating from just below the protective surface layer of scum in the DC swamp.

Podesta was a primary character and source in the WikiLeaks emails that revealed inside information about the Clinton campaign in the closing months. They included details that, were the press not in her pantsuit pocket, would have resulted in a much earlier and less expensive exit.

He also figured prominently in the [email protected] pedophile ring controversy, which broke just before David Brooks at George Soros’ Media Matters started tossing around the “fake news” label. It was used to censor those reporting the damaging information on independent media, particularly on social media and to remove content that was potentially harmful to the Democrats from the public sphere.

Of course Podesta would never be involved with what is believed to be a child trafficking and molestation ring, one which could include spirit cooking or any of the other perversions alluded to in his emails. No explanation was ever provided for the many innuendos that filled his writings that appeared to point to pedophilia and other potentially horrendous, heinous acts against innocent children. “Pizza” Podesta just waited for time to pass and for his protectors in the press and politics to divert the focus.

When the related revelations first started to appear in the leaked Clinton emails and elsewhere, the press went into high gear with their accusations of “fake news,” though no investigation was conducted to support their claims. They just knew Podesta was innocent, so innocent that the allegations couldn’t even be whispered, let alone investigated. He and his equally pervy-looking brother just happen to like artwork with images of children engaged in sex acts with adults. They think it’s cute to make lewd references supportive of such acts in their communications, but that’s not criminal. There’s no reason for law enforcement to trust their instincts and common sense and pursue a criminal investigation into the real evidence that does exist; Democrats are rarely prosecuted for their crimes.

There are two categories in the fake news debate. The real, truthful news of conservatives that is falsely labeled as fake by the establishment, and the propaganda of the left that is actually fake and which is presented as the real, honest reporting. The latter is regularly exposed for what it is by subsequent events and by President Trump.

Now Podesta is engaging in the attacks on the threat posed by free speech once again. Naturally, President Trump figured prominently as the personification of the problem. Podesta employs the leftist tactic of projection, accusing his opposition of doing exactly what he’s doing as a defense mechanism. He says that President Trump’s criticism of the blatant lies told by the fake news establishment outlets is “dangerous” and “a strategy used by autocrats, designed to completely disorient public perception.”

In a Washington Post op-ed, Podesta wrote of President Trump, “He’s not just trying to spin the bad news of the day; all politicians do that. He seeks nothing less than to undermine the public’s belief that any news can be trusted, that any news is true, that there is any fixed reality.” It’s quite ironic that Pizza Podesta chose the Washington Post as a platform from which to assail fake news.

Podesta seems to fear a revelation of some damaging truth may be on the horizon as he warns voters to “maintain a heightened vigilance” and says, “A heavy burden falls on American journalists to fact-check a president and a White House staff that is setting records for peddling false information and not to be afraid to call a lie, a lie.” Could he be feeling the pressure of a new Attorney General who doesn’t approve of artwork depicting the raping and physically harming of children and who believes it could be an indicator of far more sinister behavior? Normal people don’t hang things like that on their walls, they are repulsed by them. Are they the smoke arising from the perverted, hideous fire smoldering in the swamp below?

Something motivated Podesta to write his op-ed. Time may hold the key as to what it was.



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  1. Jail is too good for him If he is guilty, which I highly doubt.

  2. Good job, Rick. AG Sessions is gonna be up to his ears in this crap. The child trafficking and molestation allegations against Podesta are the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more to be surfaced. Trump and his surrounds need to remain vigilant.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // February 19, 2017 at 8:40 am // Reply


  4. Well said!

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