FBI Director Wray Won’t Prosecute Crony Comey, Hiding Evidence From Congress

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Back in July of this year Christopher Wray was required by Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein to commit to informing the Judiciary Committee if he witnessed or learned of any efforts to interfere with the “work” of special counsel Mueller in order to receive confirmation for the position of FBI Director.

We ran an article at the time with the headline ” FBI Placed Back Under Mueller – Wray ‘Loyalty Pledge’ Demanded By Feinstein,” as in essence he subordinated himself to that former director at the time.

Wray told Feinstein in response, “Assuming that I can do it legally and appropriately, absolutely. I am very committed to supporting Director Mueller in the special counsel investigation in whatever way is appropriate for me to do that.”

He continued, “I’ve worked closely with Director Mueller in my past government service. I view him as the consummate straight shooter and somebody I have enormous respect for and I would be pleased to do what I can to support him in his mission.”

He added, “I would consider an effort to tamper with Director Mueller’s investigation to be unacceptable and inappropriate and would need to be dealt with very sternly and appropriately indeed.”   [VIDEO BELOW]

Having gotten the assurance that she’d be notified of any effort on behalf of President Trump to counter the illegalities of the Mueller witch hunt, it’s understandable why she didn’t pursue his definition of his favorite enabling word, “appropriate,” a little further.

She might wish she had done that as well as he’s playing by the same Comey “no rules” rulebook, refusing to provide information to Congress on their part in the phony Russia “investigation,” claiming sources have to be protected. He also confirmed that the FBI is not investigating clear illegalities by former FBI Director and current close associate of his beloved Robert Mueller, James Comey.

Catherine Herridge reports that Wray was asked if there was an investigation into Comey leaking “privileged” and also classified memos containing information about private conversations with President Trump to the media. Wray said the FBI, without explaining upon what basis or contorted reasoning, is not conducting any investigations into that criminal conduct. We can assume it’s got something to do with that “enormous respect” for Mueller he spoke of with Feinstein.

Wray went on to note that the Justice Department Inspector General is looking into the issue of “some of his handling of the Clinton email ‘matter’” again, as with Comey and Lynch, not calling that expensive charade and cover up an investigation. That is a separate issue from the leaking of secret documents and other Comey criminality. Why the dodge and continuation of the cover up, Director Wray?

Herridge goes on to note that Wray is covering up the FBI’s involvement in and potential payments for the Christopher Steele fabricated Trump Dossier and the connections to Fusion GPS. He’s hiding behind the shield of “sources and methods,” the one they frequently use as protection when they’ve got something damaging they are hiding from the American people.

Herridge reports that the House Intelligence Committee has made eight requests since March, and all were ignored. Committee Chairman Devin Nunes issued new subpoenas and hopes to start getting some cooperation. Of course we’ve seen this government misconduct before, it’s a continuation of Loretta Lynch and Comey under Sessions and Wray.

What is provided will be begrudgingly and incomplete, designed to obstruct and protect the criminals in government from exposure. Feinstein likely never expected to be on the receiving end of the obstructionism when elicited that commitment to protect Mueller by Wray.

She said, “We’re in a little logjam right now. I hope we can break it and get what we need, which are subpoenas to get some documents right now.” Good luck with that, Senator. History, as with your friend Hillary Clinton, indicates you’re not going to get much, maybe some redacted sheets of paper, nothing of value. The criminals control the prosecutions.

Below of is video of Wray’s exchange with Feinstein in July when he professed his undying admiration for and devotion to the scumbag Mueller

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9 Comments on FBI Director Wray Won’t Prosecute Crony Comey, Hiding Evidence From Congress

  1. betty Herron // October 14, 2017 at 5:27 pm // Reply


  2. James, we are doing something, sitting at our keyboards and typing furiously. See what it gets us? Nothing! I do agree with you that we are losing our nation but unless God intervenes, I don’t think we can stop it anymore, so pray if you are a praying person. If you aren’t you might want to start ’cause this is not going to be pretty.

  3. As I’ve said before, the whole FBI is corrupt! There is nobody there who believes in the American President, the Constitution or has any fidelity to the U.S.A. All we will ever get from them is Treachery and Cover-ups!

  4. Wray is just another treasonous back stabber, like all of the swamp crud in DC. Mueller needs to be fired. Him and his army of lawyers are costing us a fortune. If the FBI won’t hand over the paperwork asked for by the investigating groups, they should be arrested. The old saying “we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians” fits the DC scenario. Ryan, McCain, now Wray, all of the judges, Obama and Soros, Crooked Hillary, all of the night time comedians, all of the networks and paper media, Porker, McMillan and Sanders, are wanna be presidents and talk like they are making the rules, not the President. They all need to be sent to Gitmo, along with the NFL racist idiots who have no idea what it means to raise their fist in the air (an old black power symbol)

  5. I also cannot understand why all the appointees are swamp creatures. I knew the Pence team would put up globalist, establishment picks, I just didn’t expect Trump to go along.

  6. Thomas A Oakley // October 13, 2017 at 9:13 pm // Reply

    You would think that……sessons…..(yea) who I believe is over the useless fbi would step in and do something…..opps forgot he can not do two things at once….having finger up assterbard and doing a investigation into what really should be looked into…….As far as winstein problem is conserned, 8 different…..subpoenas….? what is she going to do? Send a 9th then a 10th and so on. How about putting the so called head of the fbi in jail for contempt? After all he is in charge and this could only be done with his approval…..Boy trump sure was advised wrong on wray who is just another of the crooked fbi brass.

  7. Freddie Arthur Hisle // October 13, 2017 at 1:51 pm // Reply

    We Americans do need a real FBI director, a bull dog with no political agenda that looks at one thing, prosecute the guilty.

  8. What a poor choice President Trump made. I knew it and everyone else knew it. Now the FB Idiots will do nothing as Sessions in the AG department has done NOTHING! What a screwed up mess we have and all the good guys are gone from MAGA!


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