FBI Checking Reports Of Local Officials Profiteering With Puerto Rican Aid

fbi investigating corruption aid puerto rico

Just like with the Clintons and the Haiti relief, Democrats just can’t seem to subordinate their own greed to the common good, even in a humanitarian crisis. Is it any wonder they put themselves before the good of the nation in matters of their political ambition, ideology and the associated anti-American subversion?

The FBI has confirmed they are looking into multiple allegations from residents across the island accusing local officials of withholding badly needed FEMA relief supplies.

FBI Special Agent Carlos Osorio told the Daily Caller on Wednesday, “People call us and tell us some misappropriation of some goods and supplies by supposedly politicians, not necessarily mayors, but people that work for the mayors in certain towns.”

He said, “They’re supposedly withholding these goods and these supplies and instead of handing them out to people who really need them, [there are claims] that [local officials] are assigning them to their buddies first–people that have voted for them or people that contributed to their campaigns or what not.”

He continued, “So what we’re doing is looking into these allegations. That I can tell you is happening. Again, I cannot say that we have any ongoing investigation. We’re just corroborating these allegations.” He describes complaints as being that corrupt local officials first distributed relief to their political allies once federal officials have gone.

Osorio added, “We’ll distribute the [goods and supplies] because we have to follow certain protocols, and that’s what [local officials] said they were doing, when they were waiting for federal officials to leave, and the allegations are they are handing [relief] out through back doors and stuff like that to their buddies.”

Perhaps the mayor of San Juan, Democrat Carmen Yulín Cruz, should have been less vicious in attacking the Trump administration for a lack of aid distribution. Naturally, given the nature of our President, he’s going to investigate and that investigation now seems to be shining the spotlight on her, her party, and their corruption.

Another of the corrupt and vocal critics, Puerto Rican communist Rep Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), attempted to divert the responsibility to the Republican governor struggling with an island of Democrat corruption in the third world US territory. The cockroach Gutierrez said, “I can only tell you that the governor [Ricardo Rosselló] is in charge. I’ve asked the federal officials. They keep saying under the Stafford Act the governor is in charge.”

At the present time the FBI is looking at six municipalities where the theft and misappropriation is allegedly taking place. Puerto Rico’s US federal prosecutor, Rosa Emilia Rodriguez, announced in a radio interview on WAPA last Sunday that she is investigating and will criminally prosecute if she finds evidence that someone is commandeering or trafficking in relief supplies.

She was reportedly asked on Wednesday about one Puerto Rican representative who has been named as a suspect, replying, “I do not know him and I do not know the facts. I do not think it would be proper to comment on that. We are not going to individualize it. But, anyone who is withholding supplies is in violation of federal and state law.”

She added, “That has not changed. The (criminal prosecution) remains the same situation. Yesterday there was a government official from a municipality who gave everything he had to deliver very fast and it prevented us from charging him, and I suspect that now there will be many more who do not want to keep the supplies. But, definitely, what we get will be processed.”

May we suggest looking real hard at San Juan, and the big mouth agitator for the corrupt Democrats who is the mayor, San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz. Maybe she’s had a t-shirt printed up with her denial or alibi on it.


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4 Comments on FBI Checking Reports Of Local Officials Profiteering With Puerto Rican Aid

  1. When the government “masters”, world wide, realized they could get as much $$ as they could get away with, fill their pockets, and create gold lined retirement schemes, the money dam broke loose.

  2. roger williams // October 13, 2017 at 9:03 pm // Reply

    What a theft of taxes to prop up this island paridise for what reason ?

  3. AND how trust worthy is our FBI to find the truth? This information has been out for a while and they are just now willing to look into it? The witch of San Juan should be the first one they indict as well as the Unions who would not do their job while the witch lied about our president not doing his job. After all she is a supporter of a murderer that obama allowed out of prison for his crimes. Communists all of them just like the DEM party.

  4. well.
    THEIR COMMUNIST DEMORATS, so why are those people SURPRISED LOL.
    you ELECTED THEM, now they want to CRY TO THE FBI.

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